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First posted obs in about 2 years (F)


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As some of you may know, I manage a Bath and Bodyworks store and do tend to get some good obs from people who have reactions to certain products. During the Christmas rush many people who don't normally shop B&B frequent it for gifts, some with disastrous (or wonderful, depending of your view!) results.

I was called to the front for an exchange on Saturday and saw a very cute, mid 30's woman patiently waiting for me to take care of the paperwork. Her nose was a bit red and I noticed that she had a tissue in her hand as I began her transaction. She asked me about how busy it was and I was delighted to hear an Aussie accent from her! (My fave!!)

A few seconds after this brief convo I went to hand her a pen so she could sign off on the exchange. She reached for the pen then pulled her hand back, waving it in front of her face she held up a finger as to say "Just a second". Her nose wrinkled and lips pursed into a pouty kind of look as she obviously fought off a major sneeze. Successful, she said "Sorry hun, I was just about to sneeze there for a moment." I of course answered "No problem" and handed her the pen. She hurriedly signed and as her receipt was printing she suddenly turned to the side, bringing her fist to her mouth and let loose two of the most feminine, yet powerful sneezes I ever heard. Best I can do is to describe them as 3 or 4 quick intakes and a very strong yet still ladylike "Aisheee-ooooo". I blessed her and she thanked me, taking her receipt along with just a tiny bit of my heart with her as she smiled and left.


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She asked me about how busy it was and I was delighted to hear an Aussie accent from her! (My fave!!)

Aussie accent hey? I think they're so ordinary (Only because I have one hehe)

That was such a cute obs! I'm glad u posted it, thanks ;) .

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