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A Few Obs From School


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Well, I'm back for good (I hope).

As most of you know, it's flu season around here. So more than a few people have colds. M, a girl who skipped three grades (she's some sort of genious, I swear) had one of the worst cases. Besides being, like, thirteen years old, she's short for her age. Jewish and Italian, she has light skin, and dark, wavy, thick hair. Real pretty, too. She has athsma, and when she gets sick, she sneezes a lot. She doesn't get sick often, but at least I got to witness a few obs from her.

M was going around all day, sniffling a lot, bright red nose and a tissue always in her hand. I sit next to her in English, and I was about to ask if I could share books with her. She held up a finger and turned to the side and I hear "Eh-c'tii! Eh-t'shh! Ha-k'chu!" Real wet, she held the tissue in one hand while sneezing onto the ground and blew her nose afterward. A friend blessed her, and I just kinda smiled as if saying "It's okay!" before she could apologize for her mini-fit.

No more sneezes for about two hours, and before seventh period in the hallway, I waved hello at her and she waved back, then her lips parted slightly and she tilted her head back a bit. She stood like that for a moment, waving her hand in front of her face. She leaned forward. "Ha-eshh! Ka-t'chi! He-etchuuu!" A deep breath. "Ka-ISHUU!" She stood up straighter and went sniffling until the end of eighth period. Coughing occasionally.

Then there's another girl, in the grade below me. Short brown hair and glasses, tan skin. I'm not sure if she was sick (I didn't see any symptoms or anything), but in math class she sure was sneezing a lot. Could be that the classroom is real dusty since it gets V going a lot. We were about to go over the homework, when I hear "Eeh-ESHU! Er-eshu!" "Bless you!" I wasn't going too look over there, since the sneezes were over, but then I hear a sharp intake of breath and look over just to catch the pre-sneeze face: mouth open wide, head tilted back, eyes halfway closed. "Heh-eshu! Eshoo! Ha-isshu!" Kind of fast, not too wet. The same sort of thing repeated two more times and she ended sneezing another "ESHUU! Ha-Choo!" as we were getting let out.

Well... there are the two obs of the day. Hope you enjoyed!

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Grape Grape Grape, mmmmm-mm-mmmm ^.^ thanks for that, it was delicious *licks fingers* way cute <3 you are easily turning to someone I frequently read. Keep it up! :D from me, to you :drool:

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Loved them very much. I felt kind of bad for the first girl since it sounds like she's pretty miserable. If she were old enough for me, now, I wouldn't mind at all. :drool:

The second girl sounds like she was fun to watch, too.

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