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And Beat Him When He Sneezes

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No, it's not going to be my final obs. But I was taking a final today, for a class I won't miss. There's a girl who's sat directly behind me the entire time. She's rather homely, I won't bother trying to describe her. But shortly after the exam was handed out I hear "HEEEE-e-schieew!" A smattering of blessings, a muttered "thanks," and then "HEEEE-e-schieew!" A smattering of blessings, a muttered thanks, and then "HEEEE-e-schieew!" This time we laughed. The sneezer giggled nervously and said "I apologize." The professor said "It's official, she's allergic to the test!" It was kinda fun.

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Really? I think it's silly. Maybe because I'm a shy fetishist who hates having attention called to sneezes in ordinary circumstances. What I do like is when people apologize for sneezing.

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