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Starting the morning with an allergy attack...


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To finish my opening statement: Starting the morning with an allergy attack... makes the rest of the day much more fun :D

For the first time since the beginning of the year, not only did I made it to my Sociology class on time, I made it ahead of time :omg: , and it was well worth it. My best friend decided to skip school today so I decided to sit with 3 other people who are in some of my other classes instead, smart move :blink:

Among the trio which is overall a funny gang there's a girl (and in my spirit of giving a rat's ass, she will have a name too!), Gal (yep, that's a name). She's a bit on the silly side for me (then again I'm a bit bias since I feed on someone else's world view of her, someone who knows her better) but she's also fun and casual. She is also kinda good-looking, again, very casual and fun dress style, dark brown hair in a sloppy ponytail, pale skin with random freckles, and really friendly green eyes.

She was sitting 2 chairs to my right and right about when class was going to start she sneeze a little single which made me crack and inner smile, very gentle semi-stifled, no-cover sneeze t'hch (could not think of a more accurate way to spell it since it was stifled and a bit throaty) which made her head bob slightly forward. I was mystified by how she didn't mind one bit sneezing openly face forward when there's people around her and in front of her, but I guess she really knows how to stifle *nod*

I've heard and seen her sneeze before, but this is the first time I've singled it out to be allergies, after that not suspicious first sneeze about a minute went by of barely noticeable sporadic sniffles when she got a mildly sneezy expression on her face, eyes closed, head tilted ever so slightly back in anticipation, and again t'xhc open, stifled, made her head bob just a tiny bit forward but she recovered with a sniffle and continued on about her business.

The same display repeated itself one more time before it started to get a bit more serious... her nose changed to a vivid shade of pink as time passed, the sniffles became more common and more noticeable and the sneezes more frequent, singles with a pause, or doubles with a pause, most uncovered, all stifled and I was quite good and ready to jump at her then and there. It didn't take her too long to start going over her backpack in search of tissues which then lead to her sneezing and blowing her nose almost at the same breath a couple of times (which sounded a bit funny), but the blowing did nothing to stop her from sneezing some more (to the point when the girl sitting between us jokingly said that one more sneeze and she's gonna remove her from the classroom :lol: ).

While still sneezing on and off comically enough, the 3rd member of the trio, a guy, also sneezed once (I posted about him a couple of observations ago) and they exchanged looks and he just commented at her "what?" in a really false-offended voice as if to imply "you're not the only one allowed to sneeze" or "I had to sneeze, I'm not mocking you :bleh:" which made me chuckle.

Poor Gal sneezed like that for probably 5-7 minutes till she realized that it's not going away and ended my fun with an allergy pill *pout* but maybe I should try to make an effort and get to class earlier every time (since I'm confident that room will remain forever dusty if that's the source of it...) cute... uncovered... yummy little funny stifles... a nice way to start a day :D

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OMG, this obs is awesome! :blink: Thank you so much for sharing all the details! Now I think I need to go back and read it once again... :D

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Wonderful obs. I loved how she just got more and more sneezy. :twisted: And that part where she blew her nose and sneezed at the same time was really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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