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2 male obs- Customer and a new # for someone else!


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I swear, someone must have heard me cry out yesterday for a good observation! I got two within ten minutes of each other, and I was a happy Sneesee!

The first one came from a husband of a woman who was doing a return and buying some new merchandise. Right in the middle of the return, she walked away. I was like, "Uh, where'd she go?" Her husband said, "She went to go get a pointsettia plant." He was a nice guy, a little older, with brownish hair and moustache that was going gray, but a really pleasant face and nice smile. Oooh, he had really nice brown eyes, too, they sparkled like he was always in a good mood! So, we stood there, talking about our power outage problem we had last night, where all of our lights in the parking lot were off. Then, without any sort of warning, he turned completely away from the desk, covered his nose and mouth with cupped hands, and let out a deep, masculine, hearty, "HURRRAASSSHHHOOOOOO!" I actually shook my head after he sneezed, it was so full-bodied and amazing! :lol: Since the wife wasn't around, I was all too happy to say, "Bless you!" He thanked me and then said, "Whoa, excuse me for that." I wanted to say it wasn't neccessary. :omg: For the next few minutes, he sniffled, and even rubbed furiously at his nose once as if to get rid of the need to sneeze. :blink: The wife came back, and then I worked on the return and re-ring.

While that couple was still at my desk, my tall dark and handsome Bill from lumber came walking behind me. As if on cue, when he was directly behind me, he bent forward and sneezed, "USHHHHOOOOO!" Of course, I glanced back at him, and watched him out of the corner of my eye for #2. He staggered a few steps, still sort of bent over. Then he lurched forward, uncovered and towards the ground with a drawn out, and dramatic, "HUH-ESSSHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!" I said, "BLESS YOU!" My female customer also said, "Bless you." Bill looked up all dazed and said, "Thanks, ladies." I wondered if the over dramatic sneeze was just for our benefit, because there were a couple of women all standing around. :D For whatever reason, I loved it, and it happened right behind me! :bleh: So, that makes 16! And I still have one more day this year to work with him before he goes on vacation! Thursday night, I can't wait to see if I get any more! YUMMY! :D

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Tee hee, you count...! :D (That's REALLY a thing to do, though, innit? :blink:)

Niiiice obs! I like it so when you describe the person so well! And that Bill he is a poser :D your BENEFIT, indeed!

Thanks for sharing, luv!

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Number 16 sounds huge. I'll have to revise my idea about Bill having small sneezes...!

thanks for the update! He's a consistent doubles sneezer, which is appreciable too!

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