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March Hare

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Well, last night... my ex-boyfriend H. made one of the most interesting cameos in my (twisted, weird, confused, chaotic) dream anybody has ever done.

What happened? Well, in the dream, as I clamber out of a pool with no water in, or maybe a tunnel or a shaft (don't ask...) first thing I see is H., holding a handkerchief over his nose with both hands. He LOOKS like he's either sneezing or has just sneezed, but it's noisy in this freaky place wherever we are and I just can't be sure... So I walk up to him - he has seen me, but he keeps the lower half of his face veiled by the handkerchief. And hey presto, he sneezes. Again I can't really hear it in the din, but I see it all right... up close and personal. Shivers! I walk on, calling "Bless you" to him half over my shoulder (this is actually what I say... not gezondheid, which is the Dutch word) and then... well, the dream just boggles on it all its hazy, shady chaos and confusion.

It's only when I wake up that I realize I should have said "Oudaijini". H., after all, is the Japanese language fiend among my acquaintance. :blink:

As decent observations seem to be thin on the ground for me these days, I reckon a dream one's as good as a waking one... ^^

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Hmmm, I think after a dream like that, you will be getting some boring visitors, according to my dream dictionary. So, sorry for that! :D

Actually, it was a lovely dream, though! I have to admit, I'm a happy Sneesee when I dream about cute guys sneezing! Especially the next morning! Thanks for sharing, Sanne! :blink:

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