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Hi everyone! I haven't posted anything here in a long time, so I figured I would. Been busy with school and all. Hope you all enjoy it! Well, the other day, I sneezed when the light caught my eye. Oh wait, thats everyday!! :blink: I would just like to say that I love being photic. Not because I enjoy my own sneezes, but because it means I sneeze regularly. Usually I only sneeze once, maybe twice. This day, however, was special. I woke up to the sun streaming through my window. Thinking about how nice it is to sleep in on vacation, a layed in my warm bed enjoying the morning sun. Slowly, I felt my nose begin to tingle. "Uh oh", I thought, "am I going to sneeze?" My nose seemed to tingle for the longest time, teasing me. Now it tickled as if a tiny feather was tickling it inside. I felt that teasing itch insidr my nose. I scrunched up my nose, and the tickle tingled more, and spread rough my nose. My eyes closed halfway, and my breath hitched. My mouth was open a little, waiting to explode with another one of my powerful photic sneezes. My eyes squinted shut, and eyebrows raised as I took on a pre-sneeze expression:



I pitched forward in bed from the explosive sneeze. "ugh!" I said to myself. Sniffling, I sat up in bed. The second I did to I could feel the light hit me in "that spot". I sat there pinned, completely paralyzed by the sun. This time the tingle flew through my nose, and I immediately began to fight it. My eyebrows raised into that helpless look, and my head began to bob. My nose had completely taken over at this point, and I was out of control. My shoulders and chest rose and fell with each spasm and hitch, with my mouth slack, and my eyes shut tight. My breathing hitching, and me moaning with pre-sneeze anguish, is sneezed another powerful sneeze:




Completely exhausted, I grabbed a tissue or two to relieve my poor photic nose. I blew hard into the white folds and massaged my sneezy nose in the soft, relieving kleenex. More to come? I think so! Hope you all enjoyed them! :D

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I agree. Photic sneezes are the most pleasurable!

Somehow mine only seem to come in singles, though other sneezes can be anything! So you can be glad to get two regularly!

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Mmmmm, yummy! :) Bless you and thank you! Lovely descriptions of your own sneezes! I happen to have a soft spot for photic sneezers. :omg:

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Fantastic self-obs, sneezelover. I love the detailed description, and the way you spell out your buildups - they do sound pretty big!

Bless you!


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Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate your comments. :drool: I'm so glad you all seem to like my descriptive style. But if any of you have any comments, please feel free to speak up. If you guys want more, I can keep 'em comin! :omg: I sneeze everyday!! :) Thanks again for all your "blessings" and comments. More sunny sneezes to come! :cry: And Happy Holidays!!!

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