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What would've been an obs (F if you must....)


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Yeeehaw! so tonight a large portion of people gathered at my best friend's house to dine on an insane amount of bread we baked today (it's a tradition, don't ask).

And in all the sitting and chatting one of my female friends (will now be referred to as S) goes "eeep! I gotta sneeze!" hands at the ready hovering around her face (but in a distance still) she tries to focus when M (my ex-girlfriend) does the most outrageous thing ever, she pinches S's nose, to stop her from sneezing :omg: I was stunned :lol: I mean, what gives? :D we all chuckle and I say to S "one of these days you're gonna have to sneeze, you keep threatening that you will and you never go through with it" (which is true, I have yet to see her sneeze).

Say that, lead to a conversation we've had one too many times about how S sneezes (which included a variety of people mimicking her sneeze - according to them, it's a cute little squeaky "chi") and then her new boyfriend says "come to think of it, I haven't seen you sneeze yet" (ha! that makes 2 of us) and M adds that S usually sneezes in the mornings.

So far so good, S's boyfriend does an impersonation of his sister sneezing which according to him is the funniest thing in the world (he calls it the "surprise sneeze"), he did it a couple of times, I thought it was cute :innocent: but way unspellable (and trust me, as he's doing it and talking about it I was already thinking of ways to try to spell it for this post... the best I came up with was a very VERY quick "HAPFFHHF").

Then one of the people involved said "isn't it odd that people sneeze in different ways" to which we all disagreed since it's perfectly normal and interesting when they don't :blink: and someone else said jokingly "if all people sneezed the same, how would we tell them apart?" :laugh: and then someone else added that the way you sneeze is reflects on what kind of person you are and your personality (how very philosophical ;) ).

Between all the mimicking of S's sneeze, M (ze X) pondered out loud "how do I sneeze?" trying to remember if it's loud or not... no one commented on it, she kept asking herself, I muttered "I remember but that's all I'm gonna say on the subject" which I don't think she really heard... I wonder if people really don't remember the way they sneeze? :unsure:

And here's the kink of the whole conversation, the highlight if you will, S added at some point that she could sneeze if she wanted to, but we'd have to get her a clean q-tip :omg::heart: I imagine majority of people didn't know what she's on about but as you can imagine I totally did, eeps! I was like "woha, surreal, she's talking about inducing... which means she's done it before... *drool*" the only reaction that request got was "a clean q-tip? because normally you use used ones?" :lol: and thus the conversation went in different directions...

So no actual sneezing witnessed but I love that group of friends, amongst the huge pile of people present, this gang is aaaaaaaalways talking about sneezing when it's relevant (like after someone says "I gotta sneeze" and doesn't ^_^ ) which never fails to amuse me of course :D

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Okay...... I have no idea how you do it. I'd have either fainted or completely ransacked the cabinets in search of q-tips.

::with an insane amount of jealousy::


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hehehehe I love when people talk about sneezing because outside of our fabulous community, they see nothing unusual or uncomfortable about talking about it...a lot of us, I'm sure, would faint or listen in quietly, thinking of good excuses for why we're blushing...

but yes, sounds fun! :blink:

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