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Ok, so it's my sister's birthday :innocent: and traditionally, she picks a fancy hip restaurant and go out to eat and celebrate with her friends. The evening was a blast, there was a mix up with our reservation and to make it up to us (and also to find us somewhere to sit really) they moved us to the VIP room :cryhappy: boo-ya! So the evening was looking quite good from the start.

We (my sister, her boyfriend and I) actually arrived first, and once her first friend arrived she realized she forgot her glasses in the car so they (sister and friend) went outside to get it, leaving me and her boyfriend alone in the VIP room with a huge plasma TV. The door was open, and it was close to a waiters station so there was often someone passing by or standing by our door, at this particular time, a pretty cute waitress.

From the direction of cute waitress came a sort of soft muffled into her hands "pi'shoo" sound that was instantly followed by a "KI'SHOOOO" sound of louder and squeakier proportions. I turned to the door to look after sneeze #1 and caught her doubling over when sneeze #2 attacked. The sound of it was cute and funny and I guess my sister's boyfriend either noticed me looking at her, or felt compelled from other reasons to remark something along the lines of "funny sneeze that one was".

Throughout the night I heard cute-waitress (or at least I 97% assume it was her) sneeze 2 more sets of doubles, none quite as high-pitchy like the second sneeze of the first double, but it was mmmmmm, very pleasant :blushing:

Other sneezing female was one of my sister's friends (from now labeled O). Ok, to be fair, I always liked O more than I probably should, she's a pretty classy girl she is, smart and razor sharp too. The girl has style, what can I say, she's rather tall, her hair is silky straight smooth to perfection a light brown which just always looks good no matter what, and her face is just as cute as a button, she is so doll like, I'm gonna use this as a reference of some sort, even though they are not at all similar, she has qualities about her that are a mix of Alexis Bledel and Heather Locklear in a very eh.. oh god... maybe finding a picture would be easier? lol since she looks like neither, she just projects something that they both do (different 2 somethings since I doubt they have much in common about their persona or projections).

How about I start over? O is really cute, light brown perfect hair, really cute (was that so hard? :lol:) Eh ^.^ anyway I've always kinda fancied her and I've seen her sneeze before a very long time ago, I remembered that it was more than a single, but quite frankly, before we headed out of the house I was thinking to myself "wouldn't it be nice if she sneezed..." :twisted: let me tell you, it was nice :D

While munching on some greeny salad stuff, right after swallowing and right in the middle of a conversation we're having (she's sitting across from me, asking me about school) she lifts a hand quickly to her face (not the one with the fork :lol:) and sneezes once all contracting with the sneeze, kinda hard for me to spell since it was really quick, there wasn't any buildup or like grand intake of air or anything to warn the public, and since it was right after she swallowed (or while she swallowed? or right before? I don't know it all happened so fast I'm still confused :lol: ) so really, it made it all the more hard to spell. But I was all "meow!" and at the same time "she's not gonna sneeze salad is she? :rolleyes: ". 4 seconds later she's grabbing her napkin like the devil's out to get her and using it to cover her nose and mouth and sneezed into it (this time more spellable) "u'sh" (ok, after spelling that, lemme tell you, also not very spellable.... :lol:) whoo... it's like her sneeze is very quick but also kinda powerful, but really not loud, and there's no buildup or clear intake of air so heck, how is anyone supposed to spell that? very unique, but I loved it :wub: then she sniffled and blew her nose and recomposed herself (since it totally looked like that double shook her up).

I think I was too stunned to bless her (and also still occupied with the question of weather or not salad would be sneezed out in my direction... *goofy*) but she seemed very willing to look back in control of her perfect nose and went on with the conversation as if not much has happened.

Know what? here's a freebe for you, wasn't gonna write this one out at all really, but since I'm on a roll... I went to get my sister cake today (ain't I cute?) so while I'm standing in line at the bakery waiting for them to spell out "5 more till 30! happy birthday!" on a cake (she turned 25 and I'm a bitch XD ) this woman in her late 40s, dark red coat, glasses with a fashion-edge (which is just something I can't define... but if I could show you, you'd know what I mean) standing next to me is being served by someone else. Her facial features reminded me of the good fairy godmother from Disney movies. Well, this lady who was kinda tall while getting her wallet out of her bag (which was placed on the sneeze guard) really surprised me when her hand raced to her face and she sneezed this powerful :omg: "H'RRSHAA!" into it. Man you could hear that she tried to tone it down, and you could also hear that if that was the toned down version well.... eh... what's the original like would be thundering... she sort of quietly screamed that one into the palm of her hand really forcefully. At this point I was wondering if the sneeze guard was tall enough... you know, I don't think it was :lol: not that she sneezed on anything cause she was ducking behind her bag while she sneezed, but she (or anyone else really) easily could have.

I've actually seen more sneezing than that today, but it was male sneezing, and I'm tired, so ehh... go imagine something really nice, treat yourself ladies :cryhappy: Goodnight!

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