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Sneezey coffee server (f) (Yet, again wow! does she ever stop?)


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I was having coffee again and the scandenavian looking coffee server was taking in order at the cash register. Once again this is her 4th time on the forum, she has done sneezing fits of 3 times, 4 times and 5 times on different occasions and tonight she sneezed yet again. When she was taking this mans order I saw her get the look and she got her hands in a cusped shape and gasped "hUUUeeesshhh" "hUUUeeeeshh" "hUUUeeeessshhh" "heUUUeessshhhhhh" they were some very intense sneezes. Usually her sneezes arent intense, but these 4 sneezes she let out this time came fast and furious. I doubt her cusped hands blocked all the sneeze breeze either!! :lol:

She seemed to have no shame in sneezing very loud and intense sneezes less then a foot of the person who was ordering coffee. :lol: Its like she didnt even care, she didnt even say excuse me this time or run away from the coffee station like she usually does into an area where the coffee supplies and machines are away from. It just seems like she has gone from a very shy sneezer to a who cares type of sneezer.

She also said the heck with it and didnt wash her hands after sneezing, I think this is because she doesnt feel compelled because she sneezes so much. It seems like everytime this women is on duty I dont even stay that long (less then an hour) she is usually going to have a small sneezing fit.

I have noticed each time I have seen the women sneeze her mini-fits seem to get much more intense!!

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Sneezes too much? Goodness sake no, I've come to look forward to these great obs that arise from her frequent sneezing fits. Part of me wishes I knew the location of this coffee house, but then again, once I arrived there I might never leave!

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