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Self obs. (double! ^.^)


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Yesterday I woke up feeling kind of iffy... tad bit of a runny nose (very mild) and a slightly sore throat, I figured, yep, it's a bit of a cold...

Went to school today, and while I always have a compact tissue pack in my bag pack, I wish I'd have listened to the inner voice inside of me that said "hey, maybe you should take a box of tissues or a roll?" So my first and only class today (the other got canceled :proud: ) I sat around and sniffled and devised new ways to be skimpy with tissues (because I didn't wanna go through the entire pack and because I HATE absolutely hate blowing my nose in public)... and you know what? I am thinking that maybe this week my "sneeze in class" challenge might come to an end (:lol: either that or I'm making it a new year's resolution). I actually felt a couple of "gonna sneeze" tickles but really didn't want to... (the whole tissues thing).

I felt the same kinda starts while driving (to and fro) and even though I have tissues in the car I just didn't want to (maybe it's cause my best friend was with me at the time) *Shrug* I gotta work on the mental thing...

So hey, he came back home with me (to print out some articles since he's currently printless) and after we said goodbye I went to the bathroom upstairs to grab a roll for while I sit here, and I felt a tickle again.. this time it was way easier to let it turn into a sneeze, one full wet "Hee'KTSHE" (did I mention wet? oh yeah... wet >.<) covered by both hands (which I immediately washed... eew...) and it um... sorta left me leaky and still tickly, so while I was grabbing tissues to blow (had them already in front of my face) I figured "wait wait wait, why blow this feeling away when I can sneeze it out?" so I lingered for 3 seconds, feeling presneezic and even tried to peak out the window to get some sunlight involved. Worked like a charm "HA-Tshoo!" into the safety of the tissue in front of me.

Yep, there you have it, a double, and from me nonetheless! Hope you enjoyed that ^_^ now I'm gonna go be proud elsewhere :proud: ciao.

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Presneezic: adjective, english. Applied only to animals capable of sneezing,* describes a state of nasal irritation the sensation of which feels akin to a burning or tickling that will, presumably, turn into a sneeze.*

*see entry "Sneeze."

I like it a lot! I am officially stealing that word. *steals*

ps - sexy. very sexy. <3 for armygirl.

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bless you Army Girl, always a pleasure to read your sneezy obs!...." detailed sneezes" always get the best of me........thanks again for sharing!

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