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Second double? o.O (self, f)


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Oh boy... by far the sneeziest cold I've ever had. It's been hardly a day and I've sneezed more than I do in a month (huge news coming from me).

So earlier today I was smirking about sneezing a double (wahoo!) since that hardly ever happens to me... but gosh! repeat performance :proud: on my way to bed (where I'm reporting from now) I stopped at the bathroom to brush my teeth and all that and as I was about to leave I felt that insufferable tickle (my arch nemesis since the ratio between the number of times I felt my nose tickle and the number of times I actually sneezed is still astronomically wrong... *pout*) and gasp for air and 2 hands covering my mouth and nose and launched forward doubling over came a very wet cold-sneeze "HAT-shuu!" I rose back up and felt my nose get leaky and took a split-second to think to myself "hey, it still tickles :lol: ". So I quickly focused my energy on trying to sneeze another one, and even though it was not as intense ass the initial tickle, I still managed a second sneeze ^_^ "Ah-Tshiihoo" again, covered with both hands and doubling over and ahem... wet :proud: with a loud sniffle I grabbed some tissues, blew and then washed my hands.

Who would've thunk it, 2 doubles in one day? from moi? apocalypse! run for the hills! not to mention a bunch of singles too throughout the day... did I mention? I think... I think... what I got for Christmas is a sneezy-cold :hug: *sniffle* happy holidays ya'll.

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