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I have recently changed jobs. At my previous job, I had my own office, but now I work in an open plan office with a good view of all my colleagues, most of whom are young and female. This means I get to see a lot more sneezing than I did previously. This morning, I had just sat down at my desk when I noticed one of my colleagues, Amy, get a sneezy look on her face. She sniffled, rubbed her nose, threw her head back and let out a really cute "Huh....TSCHOO!" Almost immediately she was overcome by another sneeze and gave another Huh-TSCHOO!" I blessed her and she smiled. After that I kept a close watch on her hoping for a repeat, but there were no more sneezes, although she did blow her nose a few timess. Amy is a very pretty blue-eyed blonde in her early twenties, who likes to wear sexy mini-skirst to show off her shapely legs, so I was really delighted to see her sneeze.

If I get any more good observations I hope to share them with you. I recently posted about an article that said that most redheads get hay fever in the summer. Two of the girls are red haired, so I might get a chance to confirm that theory as the pollen count rises.

I Just hope that too much sneezing doesn't stop me concentrating on my work. When I was with my previous employer, we had on the staff an attractive black girl called Rachel. She had very bad hay fever, and in the season she sneezed virtually non-stop. Really huge sneezes too. (Even out of season she sneezed quite a lot). If I had had to share an office with her I would never have got any work done.

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nice obs! I know what you mean about not being able to concentrate, it happens to me at school too!

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Yea thanks James.. that one hit the spot... actually your brief decription of Rachel made me think of the pretty black girl on Vanessa's first vid..

Have you seen her ?... Wow ! ! .... For those who like their sneezing on the powerful side, that 3 minutes of action is the one you need to see.

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Great post, James! :) Thanks very much. I love these obs where I can just imagine what the gal looks like and how she sneezed.

Seeing your post reminded me that I used to share an office with a beautiful young Chinese woman named Mei who oftentimes treated me to the sight & sound of her sneezing. It was just her and I in this particular office at the back of our company building, and each day I'd hear her... "hiiKEEH....hiiKEEH..." She would make the cutest sounds.

I have a huge nose-blowing fetish too, but that one wasn't as often rewarded since I've found many Asian women are too shy to blow their noses in public, Mei included. Although since the ladies room was right across the hall from our office, on the days when she'd really be suffering from allergies she'd rush to the bathroom right after a sneezing fit, and I'd hear her incredibly loud, snotty blows reverberating off the walls in there. :)

One day I was extra lucky because Mei was so very sick with an awful head cold, in the morning she stopped in the kitchen and pulled off about ten sheets of paper towel and kept them on her lap as she worked. Every few minutes she'd have a sneezing fit, mostly stifling them because of all the mucous in her nose, then she'd fill our room with the most lovely, gurgling SSSSHNNNNNIIISSSHHH sounds as she emptied her sinuses into a paper towel. Mei had that adorable stuffy-nosed voice all day, and combined with her Chinese accent, I definitely enjoyed every minute of working with her, hehe. Although I never understood why the poor woman didn't buy a box of kleenex. Her nose was so red and raw that day, I thought for sure it was going to catch fire.

Anyway, just thought I'd pile on! :wink: Thanks again for telling us about Amy.

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Thanks for sharing your stories guys! I tell ya, James, you sure seem to work in the right offices, lol!

Take care,


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