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Oh Happy Day! (F)


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Today in class, this girl I sit next to, let's call her O, was especially sneezy. She's gorgeous, long blonde hair, 5'5, blue eyes, and of course a wonderful nose! She started off by whispering to me, "I have to sneeze!" She sneezed once "Ackshooooo!" very loud. Then she said to the girl next to her " OMG, I totally just sneezed!" She then sneezed again but managed to stifle this one "Hupchah". She then asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. Oh what I would have done to go with her.

BTW sorry if it's not that good, it's my first post. LOL

I mean my first obs.

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That was good, she sounds like a great sneezer. My only complaint--and this has nothing to do with your recountong--is that she felt the need to tell someone RIGHT NEXT TO HER that she'd just sneezed. That sort of thing annoys me. But beautiful blonds sneezing is worth a tremendous amount of annoyance.

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