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*sniffle* more cold obs.. *sniffle*


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(ahhh wtf. i just sneezed while typing in the topic title)

mmhmm you guessed it.. =] MORE COLD OBS FROM MEEEE.. thing... er... anyways.. *sniffle* on with the OBS :blink:

im gonna talk about my sneeze attack...er thing.. from this morning. =]. *horror music plays as i spread my plague*

So im sitting up in my bed, getting ready for school. I start to sniffle because of my hair being wet from my shower and the chill in my room. (the heat in my room doesnt work well at all) i feel a tickle in my nose. i sniffle some more and rub my nose trying to subside it. the sniffle continues to grow. my eyes close.. my jaw drops slightly as i take in a couple of breathes for the sneeze... "Heh.."

false start.

it starts to come back about 5 seconds of it going away.. this time the tickle growing more intense than before... my nostrils flaring. i take in a big breath.. and let it out... then another.. and... i let out a nice wet "Etshchew". the mist going everywhere. i sniffle quickly after that sneeze and build up for another one... it comes out quickly and more forceful than the one before it.

about 30 seconds later.. another tickle.. i say.. "god damn it" under my breath as i build up for the next very light and not so forceful.. sneeze. had a slightly different sound.. kind of like.. "heh... Hetshchew" very light.. with a VERY light mist to follow.. (which only means one thing.. one light sneeze for me is followed by a more powerful one soon after) i was right.. the tickle intensified right after my last sneeze. it grew stronger.. my nostrils twitching and flaring from the tickly irritation. i took in a breath.. about to sneeze....


it attempts to return again about 3 seconds later... i sniffle as i take in breaths for my next sneeze... about 5 quick inhilations after my sniffle.. a really wet "HeTshchew" exploded from my nose. took me a minute to recover from that one.. but i felt the spray land on my arm during the recovery.

i hope you liked these obs and im sure there will be WAAAAY more to write about. =]

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Bless you hon, I know you're probably miserable with this cold but if its ny consolation, your obs are really hot!

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Ooh, lovely. Excellent variation and false starting and stuff, beautifully described. Dontcha love it when stuff goes EVERYWHERE? We'll be waituing for more...

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that was sizzling hot :chinese: good level of details chickita, bless.

gonna read that again.... :innocent::blushing:

:laugh: yes what Army girl said......fantastic obs as usual.....

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