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#25- Male obs


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All right, so I worked with Bill last night. He'd shaved off his "Dirty Sanchez" moustache, which made me a little sad, because that was such a hot look for him. :blink: But, he looked a lot younger all shaved, so it was good. He could probably be bald, and still look good!!! Of course, I tried to spend time near him when it was time for him to sweep the lumber department, knowing that when he's doing that, he tends to sneeze. Nothing happened for awhile, and I needed to put away some stuff in my own department, because, hey, I can't spend all of my night NOT WORKING. Even though I love to socialize more than actually work! :bleh:

So, as I was working, I got the pleasure of hearing sneeze #25 from good ol' Bill. I heard it, but didn't get to see it. This time, he made the sneeze take up three syllables, which was terribly yummy! :D It was loud, gorgeous, and sent a nice shiver down my spine. He was a couple of aisles over from me when it happened. It sounded like, "HEH-EHHHHH-SSHHHIIIEWWW!" He did, he spaced it out just like that!! I sighed, but didn't call him to bless him, because I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But, I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to Thursday night with him, too! :rolleyes:

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Wow, I heard a one syllable sneeze yesterday and you got to hear a three syllable sneeze

Im jealous!!!

Thanks for the obs and Thanks good ole' Bill for sneezing!

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