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I have not posted an observation in a very long time.However I have to tell you about my sectretary. She is about 5/6 great body. curly blond hair and a great nose. Long nose with great sexy nostrils. We have been working together for almost 3 years now. she is very allergic to dust. she always comes in and starts to sniffle. for the first year I counted over 100 sneezes. She always sneezes between 1 and 4 times.after the first one the others get louder. when she does sneeze 3 or four times she always comments like o god or o my allergies. I love her sneezes but what puts the whole thing together is her nose, sniff, pinching that nose, her sneeze talk. It all changed and even got hotter when she some how found out about my fetish about 3 months ago. I told her i likeher sneeze. she does not know about the extra stuff that drives me wild. Well ever sinceall her sniffs and pinches and sneezes have been driving me crazy. especially the last week or so.I will give you a recap. Last Tuesaday, 1 sneeze, but she came into my office pinching her nose and saying o my allergies. last thursday, I was standing behind her and she was typing something for me. she was sniffing like crazy. then came a beautiful triple. i blessed her and said are you done and she said i dont know, im still itchy. Friday, she comes in and within 10 minutes she starts sniffling. She sneezes once, and then again. After the second one she says he we go. I said you are allergic to this office. she said wouldn't that be funny. She says everytime I walk in hear I start sneezing. we come back on monday no sneezes, tuesday no sneezes. Today she comes in starts to sniffle and a couple minutes later sneezes, i bless her. she sneezes again. I wait for more. she sneezes again, i say bless. she sneezes again. Bless. she says im fin allergic to this place. I am so hot at this point. then she says are you sure you don't sprinkle dust befroe I come in just so you can hear me sneeeze? i laugh and say are you busting my chops? she say yes and says everytime i walk in hear i get so itchy and sneeeeeezy. i cant wait till thursday. :blink::D:rolleyes::bleh::lmfao:

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wow awesome obs. It must be so great to have a sexy sneeze chick working for you.....but the again how do you manage to get any real work done....LOL

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