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coffee server gasping hitched breaths in-between sneezes (f)


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I was once again at the same coffee shop tonight and the sneezey coffee server was serving up beverages again this evening. I was in there for 30 minutes or so and had yet to hear sneezes from behind the counter.

Not to worry, the sneezey coffee server moved to where the blender was and preparing to blend a smoothie.

All the sudden I hear a medium-intensity "HATTTSSSSCCCHHH" from her and her hair moved forward from the movement associated with her sneeze. She then added something new to her sneeze ritual a deep gasping, hitching breath "haaaaaaHAAAATTSCCCHH" "haaaaaHAAAATTTSCCCCHH" "haaaaaHAAAATTTSSCCCHH". She sneezed four times this go around. These sneezes this time were less intense then prior episodes, but her head bobbed up and down in a fast sort of way which is something that just originated in sneezing episode.

This sneezing fit she did was not as intense as far as volume as her prior sneezing fits, her head did move alot more however and she did add a gasping, hitching breath. :laugh:

She has also decided to start sneezing into her cusped hands or maybe I just noticed it this go around. :dead:

Anyway, about a minute or so later a female patron (early 20s, blonde, 5'2 and 115 lbs) similar to the coffee server decided to sneeze a very intense "HAAACCCHHHOOOO" as though she was trying to match what the stereotypical sneeze sounds like. This same women about 20 minutes later sneezed once more "HHHHAAACCHOOOO" uncovered onto her working papers.

I am beginning to wonder if where I am if there is a cold strain that only impacts women and not men, I have seen all of two guys sneeze in the last month but lots and lots of women.

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lets move in and we'll survive on coffee and various pastry-type items...maybe a smoothie for our serving of fruit.

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Mmmmmm that girl that girl that girl ^.^= I love that this is an on-going thing. I lurk at a lot of coffee places on different periods but I gotta admit, never had a cute coffee server girl sneezing... still on the look-out :D in the meantime I'll settle for reading about it.... *dreams on*

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