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Okay...I know I haven't been around much, but I'm trying to come back with a vengeance. :lol: Things have been insane with rotations/residency/still trying to complete my move. But here you go....I can thank McHotPants for this one.

So I've decided that I may never need to see or hear another person sneeze again. :) Now don't get me wrong...I would HATE for that to happen. But McHotPants is just such a...perfect sneezer. Seriously, he's this fetishist's dream, and I swear that's not my bias!

Yesterday evening I got home from work fairly late, so McHotPants was already home. When I pulled in he was waiting for me on the porch, looking all sexy in jeans and black cashmere turtleneck. So....yeah, I was already prepared to screw him blind. But anyway...

We got in the house and he asked if he could take me for dinner. I said yes and that I just had to go change my clothes real quick. I was about halfway up the stairs when I felt like I had to sneeze. I kept walking as I sneezed a triple, and a rather loud and desperate one...:) Leave it to me to be cute, right? So Hottie was behind me and said "Bless you!" in kind of a surprised voice, I think because my sneezes are usually not so loud and crazy. I turned around and smiled and thanked him, and rounded the corner to the bedroom. Once in there, the other 6 came out. :laugh: He blessed me again and I said thanks with my back turned. Well...

Then I turned around to grab my flip flops. Hottie was standing there with the most desperate pre-sneeze face I'd ever seen on him. Holy shit, enough to turn me into goo. But instead of losing my cool, I raised an eyebrow and said, "Bless you, yeah?" And Hottie then gave me a smile while STILL in pre-sneeze, which may have been the cutest thing I've ever fucking SEEN. I just kept watching him, rather unabashedly for my taste...:lol: At one point I thought it went away because he put his hand down and opened his eyes. But very soon after that it was back...and I shit you not, the whole display lasted around 15 seconds (yeah, I timed it). Finally he turned around and let out 4 perfect sneezes, each one more desperate than the one before and with hitching breaths between every sneeze, as is his way. I blessed him, he sniffled and said thanks, then got a bit of a sheepish grin and said, "Excuse me." I need not go into the details of last night then? :lol:

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Girl, you are SO lucky! If that were Mr. Sneesee, it would have been gone for sure when I looked at him like that!

:) WOW! Um, I think I need to go and take care of a little something myself after reading that one. Hawt obs, woman! THANK YOU! :)

Fetishist's dream, definitely sounds like it! Congrats!!!

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Holy crap!!! That is just WRONG. *tries not to be insanely jealous*

DAMN- the giving you a smile in pre-sneeze mode. HOLY CRAP! *fails and is now Totally jealous :)*

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Lovely scene. But hang on a mo, you sneezed nine times and he only sneezed four? Well, that's scarcely fair, is it? Something must be done...

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Wonderful, everyone sneezing! What more could you ask for?

We were wondering some time ago whether anyone regularly sneezes in fours. I think we have found...him !

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I know these are four years old but I just now read them and holy skittles they need to be bumped up. I love that you made him smile while he still had a pre-sneeze expression! That's the cutest/hottest/sexiest/everythingest thing ever.

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Wow, yeah...thanks for bumping that! :unsure: That was pretty fabulous, I remember it quite vividly. So happy I married that man not long after that! :laugh:

So glad you enjoyed, thank you! :D

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I hadn't seen this Obs before; but it was verry lovely to read thanks for sharing.

Thanks! :D An oldie, yes...but still a goodie in my mind. B) Glad you enjoyed!

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