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Woah. I'm sick.


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Urk... my immune system failed me. Apperently trying to stay healthy doesn't work when you're around tons of sick people at school and at home.

I think it's just a cold, so I'll live. But I haven't gotten sick in...probably over a year now. I forgot how terrible it feels.

Okay, done complaining. So here's my first self obs.

Personally, I hate the thought of people knowing I'm sick. It makes me feel all weak and vulnerable. Bleh. So today, when I woke up all congested, I didn't want to go to school. But I did anyway, and blahblahblahrambleramble.

In science class, I was trying my best not to sneeze. My nose is apperently really sensitive when I get sick. So I'm like "Hell, I'll just stifle and try not to be noticed." which is what I did. I tried mouthing the words "asparagus", "cow", and "mayonaise", because I've heard they prevent you from sneezing. It worked all through art, but in Science, the tickle won.

Luckily, my two friends R and V were talking, so I grabbed a pencil and pretended to be drawing something so they didn't notice my head bob forward (my head gets extremely close to the paper or whatever I'm drawing or writing on) as I let out a silent stifle. I heard a bit of an "Xnnk" in my head, but apperently they didn't. Good for me.

After my test, I decided to go home, since I didn't want kids at school to hear be talkind like dis. Then I crawled into my bed and watched TV, trying to get rid of the congested feeling. I used up half a box of tissues, too.

When I felt like I wanted to sleep, I got that familiar tickly feeling. Since I'm the only one home at the time (minus my dog and cats) I decided to let them out. "Haa-k'CHI!" I sneezed once into my sleeve, a bit wet. It felt like the feeling went away, but apperently it was still there. "Hap-CHU! Eshuu!" I blew my nose afterwards.

I wasn't planning on writing this next one-- just sneezed twice while writing this. Kinda snuck up on me. xD More of an "Epshuu! At-choo!!" wet-sounding, I guess.

Well, I'm off to get more tissues. Enjoy!

~Grape Ferret

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Very enjoyable. Some fine, varied sneezing there, and the fight with the tickle was thrilling. Can't really approve of the silent stifle though,.

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Awwww cute little sneezy grape! many-a-bless-yous ^.^ that was all very sweet to read and I hope you feel better soon :)

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