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don't wanna get sick!!


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I don't know what has been with me today but I cannot stop sneezing! I got home today and I sneezed 3 times in a row. "ha-chh! ha-CHH! HA-CHHoo! within 5 seconds of getting in the door! The benefit of living alone, I got to enjoy it lol. But then I sneezed once every 10 minutes or so...soft, little sneezes...and it started to get annoying. I was really hoping I wasn't getting sick, because I have my last day of finals tomorrow and I really need to be at my best...arg.

I managed to convince myself I wasn't sick...

Then I took a nap! *smacks self* that's always a bad sign since I DON'T EVER EVER EVER take naps, so at that time it should've been obvious that I was/getting sick. I woke up sneezing these weird little soft sneezes that just confused the hell out of me cause I just...well...I don't sneeze like that! lol

"shoo! shoo! shoo! shoo!...heh...heh...heh-shoo shoo shoo shoo." ugh. They were tired sneezes, and I felt absolutely horrible afterwards (normally I would enjoy something like that!) I stumbled into the bathroom and took my temp...102.2...yeah, no denying it now *sigh*

bleh. More later!!

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Awwww sorry you're feeling bad *pat pat* bunch of bless yous :D buuuuuuut tbh, that sounds kinda hot :D yumyum

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