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Baniira loves Kisa

Teh Ninjin

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Jeebus I'm behind @_@ I've got a lot to draw, but who wants crap from me anyways? Yeah. I deal with my shyness of posting sketches with self deprecation. That's what makes me nutsier than the Planters thing with the monocle. o_O;

So let's not all get all "Ew" and make fun of Baniira's lack of skill, mmkay? She'll probably write a story for Kisa along to this picture. xD Which will be loads better than this sketch. I rushed on this. ._.

So its not good. Nothing from me is. -shrug-

So its not the one I wanted in the signature. I tried it and went "Ehhhhh..no." and decided to sketch something a little more devious. Besides this has an heir of humor to it. Torturing Ryuuke like that -waggles finger like a schoolmarm- I don't know too much about your appearance other than the pic in your profile, so sorry if you look odd. ._.

Sorry if it doesn't please you. Dx



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Male sneezing's not my thing, but this is still a cute drawing. Also, I've seen enought subbed anime and Super Sentai to know that Daijobu is how the Japanese ask if someone's ok.

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Ryuuke! omfg!! :hyper::cheers:

he's sooooo too cute!! yeah. You know i love him. And omg the pepper....the torture....the...the....everything!! :cryhappy:

holy crap, im loving you so much right now. No, wait....I always love you this much :heart:

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Ryuuke generates so much love even if this for Kisa. That just proves how much he rocks. XD

I'm glad you all like it <3

Mm~ I'm especially glad Hippo likes it <3<3<3

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Mm~ I'm especially glad Hippo likes it <3<3<3

yay!! well gawsh, of COURSE i like it! You extract more drool from me with your pictures than anyone i know :cheers::hyper:

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I absolutely LOVE it, and you! And Ryuu-kun! :whistle: Thank you SO much! I've been in a pffrrt mood and took a chance to wander about and OMFG this made my FOREVER. XD You're such a sweetie and I love you to ittybitty BITS!

Ohmygod, you've got me PEGGED down, lemmetellyou. XD "Aww, are you ok? *so concerned* *hides pepper*" SO CORRECT! :twisted: It's really funny as my non-fetish friend drew me something yesterday from a convo we had (in my last.fm shoutbox, wtf. LOL) and I was like, the same devious way. Youse people know me too well.

Seriously, I think you are FAR TOO AWESOME to be allowed. -shower of lovelovelove!!-

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Yay you like it <3 You love it. My job is done <3<3<3<3<3

I love you Kisa <3

You know, I kind of assumed you'd do something like that, but hey. sneezy torture is fun. Like Daphine's sketch. Nee~ We should do that to him in our roleplay XD

Eeeee~ I made Kisa happy <3

I have a big project for supersneezetheman coming up though. o_o;

I'm actually going to ink and color it.

Baniira = new flavor of the month >D

But I'm so happy that I made your day and you love it. You will get gifts in the future <3 From moi. Because you rock. <3<3,3

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:drool: I have a lot of artwork-commenting to catch up on. I cannot believe I missed Baniira art. Shame on KawaiiKitty!

I want to be your #1 fan! This is just far too cute!

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