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Oh Mr. Z.... fyi... you're WRONG.

March Hare

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A slumber party last Saturday turned out to be a loooong lazy night of relaxation and an early-afternoon breakfast of divine luxury...

And a knee-buckling observation from that sexy motherfucker, Z.

I was in the bathroom and he was in the kitchen. There was but one wall between us. I couldn't see him, of course, but I recognized the sound...

The first one was light and cough-like, dry-ish but with some force, "Heh-ECCHuuhh!" and I thought 'Hey, that was Z., RAWRness...' and nothing more.

Only at that moment he sneezed again and THAT was just... well... TOO WRONG.

It was LOUD. And very intense. And very... voiced. And wet. And it sounded familiar. It was a "HehhAAHRRUFSCHHuhh!" kind of sound and I could just picture him snapping forward with his face in his hands and his hair flying in long strands around his handsome face. Jeeeeeeez. :yes:

Tenshi wrote something once about a tangible laugh. Well, this was a tangible sneeze... it didn't really matter I didn't actually SEE it. The sound alone had ALL my senses experiencing ecstasy.

Seriously... that man WILL keep me under his spell. :D (Does that sound familiar...? :D)

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BWHAHAHAHA! :laugh: Tangible sneeze?!?! THAT is AWESOME! (ah, wtf....I totally just sneezed writing this, goddamn it! :omg:)

Great obs....and GREAT spelling....hhhgggnnnhh....now I have to go do JUDO with that in my head, thank you very much. Just means I'll have to torture....err.....write something later.....*SNERK*


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