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Facial Gymnastics (Self obs)


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Why is it that the friendly, chatty cashiers only come along at the worst possible time? Like this morning for instance. I had stopped to get some cash out at a garage on the way to work, prayed to the divine force of cash machines that the garage's one wasn't empty, because otherwise it meant going about 20 minutes out of my way to find another one and had my prayers answered with a crisp, new tenner, then realized I would have to break said crisp new tenner, probably for a manky old fiver with selotape fixing one of the many tears that left it only just legal tender so stopped at the hot food bar for a sausage roll for breakfast (mmm...healthy! Must get some porridge or cereal tomorrow morning). As I was queuing I noted a strong and very persistant tickle in my nose, which was really bad timing considering the hot food rack was right next to me. I concentrated desperately on anything else I could (amazing how interesting the cover of "Soap World" is when you are trying not to sneeze). I got to the front of the queue while I must have been pulling the sort of faces that one's mum said "don't do that or if the wind changes it'll stay that way". The cashier however was completely oblivious to my facial gymnastics (or maybe wasn't but didn't care...LOL) as she started discussing the proposed alterations to the nearby roundabout and how it would affect traffic flow. I believe in being polite, so I tried my hardest to communicate while fighting the tickle from hell, quickly seized the change when it arrived and turned away. Unfortunately this distracted me from the goings on in Albert Square for long enough to lose concentration, so I hurriedly shot up the arm furthest away from the food cabinet and sneezed the most almighty, relieving "AAAHIITIEEESHOOO", which echoed around the garage. I've never left a garage so quickly, though I did get a crisp clean fiver, so at least something went right!

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hehehe... awwww!! that is so cute. *grins* I'm generally thinking "oh crap, oh crap... have to wait" especially if someone is talking to me while I have to sneeze.

The description and getting inside your head- absolutely lovely as always. Bless you. :laugh:

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