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I'm just sitting here at the computer, my girlfriend asleep on the couch, and out of nowhere I got this intense tickle in my nose and began sneezing this weird, really strong, WET sneezes...

"ha-CHEEoo!...ha-CHEEoo!...ha-CHEEoo!...ha-CHEEoo!...ha-ha-ha-CHEEoo!" I had managed to throw my hands up in front of my face, but all that really did was just get them and everything around them quite wet. I sniffed and that brought out another tickle, and I began sneezing how I "normally" do..."hi-chh! hi-chh! hi-chh! hi-chh!...hih....hih....hi-CHH! I sniffed again, wetly, and got up to grab a tissue out of the box on the table, and I saw that my girlfriend was still asleep :laugh: Wow...

I blew my nose (very LOUD for me...hell, it'd be loud for anyone, lol) and AH HA!! Another tickle...

My jaw dropped, eyes fluttered shut, and I began sneezing into my crumpled tissue, my head bobbing forward each time. "HA-chhh! HA-chh! HA-chh! HA-chh! chh! chh! chh! chh! chh!...ha-chh!...ha-ha-HA-CHH!!

My girlfriend was still asleep :omg: So I grabbed the box of tissues and went to the bathroom to blow my nose. I sneezed one more time in there, really soft and tired, and immediately skipped back to the computer to tell all you wonderful people about that beautiful event.


She's still asleep...*gasp* m-m-maybe she's getting sick!! DID SHE GET THE PLAGUE?! THAT'S HORRIBLE AND WONDERFUL!! *cough* I mean...oh god, whatever lol I'll let you all know!!

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Maybe she's getting sick? You're the one doing all the sneezing. That was a terrific obs, much appreciate your sharing it with us.

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