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dusty moldy old hay obs


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so since i live in the south.. its warmer down here than it is up where u northerners live. so today we had to clean out the old barn because my dad is turning it into a shop. which means.. we had to move the year old dusty old moldy hay that was in there. ooh yeah that was fun. my dad asked if i needed help but i told him no cuz i knew i was gonna go insane and i wanted to be able to sneeze when i had to without doing it in front of people. so im raking up the pile of scattered hay first. the dust was just floating around with each rake stroke.. and i could feel my nose get tickly, and fast. i paused... held a slight presneeze face.. and... out like wild fire.. a nice wet *etshchew* exploded from my nose. (btw, sorry if there are typos.. im about 5 feet from the moniter laying in bed cuz im not doing so good right now) anyways, after that sneeze.. about 20 seconds later... another wet one. misted everywhere. was a nice sound too not to light and not to loud. my eyes started wateing as the next tickle came with an intense force in my nose. i tried not to let it out.. but since im the worst at holding back.. i failed.. and it came rushing out with a "heh... etshchew" sound.

so after raking and about.. 5 more sneezes.. i had to PICK UP the hay and carry it over the fence. everytime i scooped a pile of hay into my arms.. i would sneeze at least twice onto each pile. i was started to have quick hitched breaths and then a wet "etschew". this went on for at least 20 min and i got out a good... 20 sneezes or so.

as lovely as these obs may seem.. im still not doing so good. since i got inside ive sneezed 7 times.. and now my asthma is kicking in.. so i have major wheezing going on. i just took a shower so hopefully thatll help. other then that.. i hope u enjoyed :laugh:

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As lovely as this sounds, I sincerely hope you're alright! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you're better now! :laugh:

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asthma...is serious business, i too suffer from this time to time as well....:winkkiss:.......on the sneezing side, always love to hear about your sprayey obs:)..... thanks for sharing again Puppet.

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Bless you!

I hope you're feeling better. You really made a sacrifice for that obs, and a lovely obs it was, too, especially with the wetness of the sneezes described. Thanks for posting! :winkkiss:

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