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Guy sneezes amongst his friends in restaurant (m)


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I was at a restaurant last night when a group of 20 guys walked in and started talking very loudly and being very obnoxious. I was looking over towards that way to see if any of them had a red nose :laugh: . Anyway, as the guys were standing there waiting a for seats (they were college students) I noticed getting the look.

All the sudden I hear ssshhhheesshhhh......shhhiieeessshh......sheeeeessshhh spaced a few secounds apart. Three sneezes in a row, very wet sneezes in fact. He sneezed facing the floor, so I could the dramatic look on his face and I could see a bit of mist also.

Not impressive, but a nice triple!!

I would say he was 21, 5'10, 190 lbs brown hair with a medium sized nose

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I would have been impressed! Sounds really yummy! Thanks for sharing! Spaced out triples are just so great! :laugh:

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