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Health Teacher (M)


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Ok, so today my health teacher was walking down the hall. The way he walks is different than most people, and it's really really hot. But anyway, he was walking toward my direction when he raised a fist and sneezed on loud "He-TCHEWW" into it. I was in heaven. He never even missed a step. After that he looked like he needed to sneeze again, but he didn't just then. But just a minute later, he was in the cafeteria during our lunch period (i was on my way to lunch when he sneezed the first one) and he still looked like he needed to sneeze. He looked around the cafeteria a couple times, and then sneezed into his fist "He-TSHEWW, He-TCHEWW, He-CHOOOO" the triple was even hotter than the first sneeze, he looks so helpless when he's sneezing.

His description- He's about 6'4" with short brown hair, and a little stubble on his chin. He's about maybe in his late 20s. Long legs, wide stance, and very very strong.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nothing like a good-looking, sneezy male teacher! Thanks for sharing! :lmfao:

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What's up with attractive teachers and sneezing, man? :bleh: That's awesome! May you hear many more from him. :P

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