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so i think I am getting a cold because I am stuffed up and I've been sneezing more than usual (about twice every few hours...still not that much haha) but today I was in the library with one of my friends who was doing her homework. my nose was running so i kept sniffing and she kept asking me "whats wrong with you?!? your nose is bright red" I dont like admitting that I am sick so i just was like "I dunno.." Just so happened that right after that i sneezed and then she said "I was sneezing so much yesterday" and i was like DAMN i missed that. in my head though

shes pretty cute. short..brown hair, pretty face. I'm bad at descriptions but basically i wish i was there when that was going on

ahah that was pretty bad. im pretty bad with stories so i gotta try and step up my game . dont worry guys ill get better

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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