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It's about time! (M)


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Okay, well, I'm a senior in high school, and for the longest time I've somewhat had a small crush on one of my band teachers. Yes, I play the alto saxophone in marching band (this one time...at band camp..LOL, no). In any case I've been absolutely dying to hear this man sneeze. He's not what one would call a 'babe', but his personality is the cutest thing ever! He's shy, ocassionally nerdy, and just plain retarded at times.

He has pretty blue eyes that tend to dip into green occasionally. His hair is short, auburn, and he wears glasses. He's about 5'10, and he dresses formal almost everyday.

A day or two ago I was in the band room with one of my friends; I was helping her rehearse for her performance. My teacher was in the room, so it was just the three of us. I had my back turned towards him, and I was facing my friend when I heard...it.


I'm such a loser, haha, but yeah...

Sadly, I wasn't able to witness him do it, but I did manage to whip around just in time to see him recover from the force of it. I can't describe the sneeze, unfortunately, so you'll have to use your imagination; however, it was topped off with a nice, exaggerated: "CHOO!" Then afterwards he kinda looked to me and my friend with this look that just screamed 'Aren't you going to bless me?!' Hahaha. Both my friend and I said in unison: "Bless you."

He just smiled, thanked us, and went about his business.

It was pretty much amazing.


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Aw, firsts are just awesome, aren't they? I'm glad you finally got to experience that!

Thank you! I'm glad too, haha. It just makes me laugh that he has no idea he's made me the happiest girl ever by doing something so simple as a bodily function. :P

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Yum, sneezy band director! I like how he looked at you like he wanted to be blessed, so cute!! And I happen to find it adorable when me and someone else bless someone in unison! My friend Trish and I do that a lot lately.

So glad you finally got to hear it and see the recovery! Thanks for sharing! :P

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