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"How Does She Do It?" - (3 Parts)


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Yet again, another story. This one is playing with the idea of "playing nurse" to an ailing man and how it comes much easier to some girls than it does others. I put a lot of myself into Sango's behaviour it has to be said, but I reckon she would be very much like that anyway!

This is based on the Inuyasha fandom, yet again. Mostly it's Miroku doing the sneezing (I know, I know, big shock there!), but Inuyasha will be putting in a few of his own as well! And, I'm going to put some images up for those unfamiliar with the fandom this time! Although, this should be pretty friendly to those who are not familiar. There's some talk of demons, and stuff, and non-fans may be confused as to why they're sleeping in a forest but other than that readers should be able to follow it.

Here are images of the characters who will be appearing in the story. These images are from my personal cel collection, so if you steal them I will hunt you down and poke you in your eyes, okay?




And of course, the handsome Miroku!

Do bear with this first chapter. It's setting the scene so while it may be low on sneezing, I promise better stuff to follow. And as always, if anyone has any ideas on how I can improve my writing please do tell me. I can take it! As long as you don't suggest I should focus on female sneezing instead, or write a different fandom, that will just annoy me.


Title: How Does She Do It?

Author: KawaiiKitty

Fandom: Inuyasha

Rating: Safe for all ages

Summary: After seeing Kagome take care of Inuyasha with a cold, Sango wishes she could do the same for Miroku. But when she gets her wish, she realises she is no good at playing nurse at all. Will she be able to learn, fast, by watching Kagome...before the window of opportunity is lost?


Part 1

Miroku raced along the path, managing to keep pace beside Inuyasha. Branches of the undergrowth whipped past his legs as the scenery passed by in a blur. Though he was but a mere mortal, he was often able to match the half-demon Inuyasha in physical prowess. It was something he secretly prided himself on.

But as the saying goes, pride often comes before a fall. Sometimes literally.

A small river stood in their way, but it should have presented no obstacle. Even though it would have called itself a river in its vanity, it was little more than a glorified stream. A few nimble hops across the rocks and they would be across in no time. Of course, Kagome and Sango, flying above the men atop the cat Kirara, had even less to worry about. With effortless dexterity, Inuyasha's bare feet left the ground , seeming to pause in mid air with his red clothes billowing in the wind. Reaching the embankment soon after Inuyasha, Miroku pushed off with his feet to follow suit.

His eyes widened in shock as he felt the strap of his sandal snap as he attempted to jump. He lost his momentum completely, and he had no time to correct himself. He attempted to shout a warning to Inuyasha but only managed a startled cry before crashing into him and sending both men plummeting into the water.

"Hey, you moron!" Inuyasha bellowed as his head exploded from the previously tranquil water. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Now, now," said Miroku calmly, emerging from the water and managing to maintain an air of dignity despite his less than dignified predicament. "I think you know I didn't do that on purpose." He bent down to examine his broken sandal. Perhaps the sort of thing that could be easily fixed, but he wanted it fixed securely enough so that wouldn't happen again. He sighed. Grabbing handfuls of his loose flowing robes, he attempted to wring as much water from his clothes as possible-not an easy task when there was so much fabric involved. All the while he watched with a tinge of jealousy as Inuyasha shook himself dry like a dog. Maybe there were advantages to being half dog-demon. Miroku couldn't help but envy the fact that Inuyasha's efforts to dry himself seemed to work much better than his own.

His robes still dripped, no matter how hard he wrung them, and they clung to him uncomfortably as he walked.

"You shouldn't stay in those wet clothes," Kagome pointed out. "Not in this cold weather."

Miroku shrugged. "I have no other alternative. Except perhaps to go naked, and I can't see how that would be any warmer." He saw Sango in the corner of his eye, who had blushed visibly at his use of the word "naked" and raised her hands to her face to cover it. He was busy formulating further sentences in his head to make her blush more, when Kagome spoke again.

"Well, maybe Sango can change into her Slayer uniform and you can wear her pink and white clothes," she suggested, prompting a horrified look from Sango. Inuyasha laughed derisively and suggested that Miroku belonged in women's clothes, to which Miroku simply grunted while entertaining thoughts not entirely befitting a monk-namely wishing violence and unpleasantness upon Inuyasha. Much to Sango's relief, the matter was dropped.

If they were nearer a village, they could have stopped somewhere to rest and dry off. But out here, far from civilisation, it was just not possible. Miroku shivered, unable to escape from the cold and damp that enveloped his body, a truly unpleasant experience. And, despite his efforts to maintain a stoic expression, his discomfort began to show on his face.

He hated Inuyasha right now. Inuyasha who had fallen into the exact same water as he, but who showed no signs of suffering from it. That is until, with a loud grunt of annoyance Inuyasha shook his head. His nose twitched visibly, and he paused in his tracks.

"Huh…hessshuh! Hussshhah!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped. "Are you okay?" She dropped her large yellow book bag and flew immediately to his side. "Have you caught a cold from falling in the water?"

Despite Inuyasha's protests, she held a hand to his forehead. "You have a fever!" she exclaimed. "Well that settles it. We're going to stop here and rest…no, don't argue. We're going to set up camp and I'll build a nice fire and make you some of those noodles you like."

Retrieving her book bag, she grasped Inuyasha firmly by the arm and marched him off the path like a naughty child, to a clearing some way off.

Sango couldn't help but pout. She was jealous of Kagome, who now had the perfect excuse to spend time with Inuyasha and be close to him. She felt annoyed with Miroku, he should have rightfully been the one to get sick-looking so miserable and wet as he did-so she felt as if she'd been cheated. She wanted to fuss over him the way Kagome was fussing over Inuyasha.

Even though she had to admit that she wouldn't know where to begin. How was it that such behaviour came so easy to Kagome?

"Humph," Sango grumbled to Miroku. "Looks like we're stopping here. Come on."

Miroku couldn't help but wonder why she sounded so peeved. He racked his brains for anything he might have recently done to irritate her.

Kagome smiled maternally as she knelt on the ground, tending to the campfire until it grew to a roaring blaze, warming them all with a glowing heat. She hummed to herself as she searched her bag for the necessary items: Inuyasha's favourite instant noodles, something in which to heat the water…and as Inuyasha sniffled and drew his sleeve under his nose, she thought it might be prudent to give him her pack of tissues as well.

"Hettsssch-huuh! Hessshuhhh!" Inuyasha sneezed. Kagome stroked his arm in concern.

"The noodles will be done soon," she soothed. "That will help you feel better."

Miroku and Sango sat under a nearby tree, watching the tender scene unfold.

"Well…" Sango grumbled again. "That water must have been pretty cold for Inuyasha to get sick."

Miroku turned his head to look at her quizzically. Why did she sound so angry? Her mood couldn't be due to them having to stop, it wasn't like her to begrudge anyone stopping for needed rest. He couldn't for the life of him remember if he had done anything to upset her…of course, she often had a tendency to get upset over things he did that were usually perfectly innocent…if anyone would ever listen to his side of the story. Perhaps it would be quicker just to ask her and get it over with.

"Er…Sango?" he began. "You seem a little-" He stopped suddenly. "Unngh…hnnggkh-tchhh!" He gritted his teeth in a desperate attempt to stop the sneeze from escaping. "Hnnnghhh-ssssh!"

Sango's heart skipped a beat. So she wasn't going to be unlucky after all...it sure sounded like he was falling victim to the same affliction as Inuyasha. Now this was her chance to get close to Miroku by doing for him what Kagome did for Inuyasha. Which would be…? Sango stole a glance at Kagome for a clue to what to do next. Kagome sat by Inuyasha's side, stroking his arm so Sango reached out a tentative hand and patted Miroku's elbow. Miroku, thinking she was tapping him to get his attention, looked questioningly at her, but she just averted her gaze so he wouldn't see her blushing. Miroku shrugged in bemusement as Sango sat silently kicking herself mentally.

How did Kagome make such things look easy?

"Oh, dear," Miroku sighed. "Eghh…hesshh-huh!"

"You're getting a cold too, aren't you?" queried Sango.

"Hmmph!" Miroku grunted, neither a confirmation nor a denial.

Sango hesitated for a moment as she pondered what to do next. Finally, she raised her hand to his face, delicately brushing his black hair out of the way before pressing her palm against his forehead. It confirmed what she had already suspected: he did in fact have a fever.

To her surprise, he leaned into her hand with a grateful smile.

"Your hands are nice and cool," he said.

He would more than likely be a very willing patient. Now all she had to do was try to make a halfway decent nurse.


okaaayy...to be continued!

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wahh... this is admittably my favorite type of fic. I really love that sango is hesitate about how to take care of miroku.. makes a yummy plot. Great job, I can't wait for the next part! :D

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Wow, just....... wow.....that's all I can say! I can't possibly do this justice with my limited vocabualry!! :D I love how they are both sniffly, it's great!!!! :) I can't wait for the next part!!

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Omg, you're making me freakin' adore Sango, I swear! :D HAHAHA, you know....she WOULD be a bad nurse....she'd be too busy popping Miroku on the head any time he touched her butt....*LAUGHS!!*

That was .....awesome, dude. Um.....Inuyasha sneezing gave me happy feet, I must admit....


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Omigosh! That was so cute!

Seriously! No one writes Miroku sneezefics. What's wrong with people?!

Your story was amazing!

Major props to you!

Looking forward to more great stuff from ya.

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Omigosh! That was so cute!

Seriously! No one writes Miroku sneezefics. What's wrong with people?!

Your story was amazing!

Major props to you!

Looking forward to more great stuff from ya.

Oh hell! I forgot I was even posting this. Oh dear...lets see, I started this topic in...February?? Er...heh, heh...I'm sure I have the rest of this in a notebook somewhere!

Yes, I agree. Miroku is such a delightful subject to write sneezefics about. But, if you like that sort of thing, I have more of them floating around on here, which are actually finished. Somewhere around here is one I did called "Who Were You With Last Night" which, if I may be so conceited as to say so, is my favourite of my own work.

We also have another writer on here who produces FANTASTIC fics featuring the lovely monk. I'd suggest you check out "Demon Fever" and "Winter Jasmine" by Enkidom, both of which are amazing fics!

And, in some more shameless self promotion, I've also done some artwork of Miroku in the artwork section!

That should keep you occupied until I get my finger out and finish posting this one! Or until I get Miroku to co-operate and come up with something new for me to write.

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Meh...I was going to let this fade into obscurity. I started to dislike this story, I am fairly certain the characterisations are WAY off, and I though the plot was a little lame. But if you crazy people are going to INSIST on continuing to say nice things about it, I suppose I shall have to finish posting it! :):D

So...months later, here is part two! I promise the next update will not take so darn long...unless I lose my nerve again and get shy about it...


Chapter 2

Kagome stoked the fire, ensuring that the flames were high enough to boil the water in the metal post although when she inspected the water, it looked as if it would be quite some time before the water was hot enough to make either noodles or tea. But such was life in the great outdoors. The fire had the added benefit, however, of providing a comforting, crackling warmth which was welcomed as the muted tones of early evening began to descend upon the scenery around them.

Inuyasha sat in his strange, almost canine fashion near the fire, peering at the water in the metal pot waiting for it to boil, although Kagome suspected it may be an excuse for sitting closer to the fire without having to admit that he was cold. He could be very prideful, that way.

"You know, Inuyasha, a watched pot never boils," she said playfully.

"Huh? What kind of nonsense is tha…Heh'EKKSH!"

The fire spluttered and danced in reaction to the sneeze and as Inuyasha crammed the heel of his palm against his nose, accompanied by a loud and messy sniff, Kagome could only thank the heavens above that he hadn't actually sneezed on the water or she'd have to get a fresh pot and start the slow boiling process all over again.

"Now don't worry," she said soothingly, patting Inuyasha's arm in an almost maternal fashion. "The food will be ready soon."

"Aw, you're always fussing," Inuyasha grunted although his tone of voice carried more than a hint of gratitude. His expression quickly changed to embarrassed blushing as Kagome sidled up to him and pressed herself up against his side.

"To keep you warm," she explained softly. Her hands started out gently clasped in her lap, but she moved one of her arms to rest behind his back although she was yet still too shy to actually put her arm around him.

Meanwhile, from his less comfortable and far less warm spot sitting against the trunk of the tree, Miroku sniffled. He tried to muffle it politely with his sleeve but it still came out louder than he'd hoped and caught Sango's attention.

He raised his hand to his face in time to catch a "hehh…heh'NGGKGH!" into the back of his wrist, though he tried his best to stifle it by gritting his teeth as strongly as he could. Sango was amused to note that his sneeze fit his overall personality, controlled and polite. She found herself strangely disappointed, entertaining a passing fancy that it would be amusing to see the softly spoken and well mannered young monk completely overcome by an uncontrollable sneeze-she imagined that his reaction to such an occurrence would be particularly priceless.

She was brought out of her reverie by another "Heh'SSHMMPH!" from Miroku's direction.

"I think you should go sit by the fire too," Sango suggested. "It would help you feel a little warmer."

Miroku shook his head with a slight smile and nodded in the direction of Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Let them have some time alone," he said quietly. "I wouldn't want to be the one to interfere in that little moment they're having…"

Sango smiled and shook her head. "You're selfless. Stupidly selfless, but still…that's pretty kind of you."

Miroku paused for a moment, and then his mouth slowly began to twist into a cheeky, naughty smile. Leaning over towards Sango, he rested his head on her shoulder in an almost feline manner and said with partially feigned plaintiveness:

"Dear Sango, would you like to help me keep warm too? I think it might help if you held me very, very close…"

Her hand clenched into a fist out of unconscious habit.

"Don't push it, Monk," she warned. "I-"

"Heh…nnngkh!" Miroku interrupted, then added "Sorry, you were saying?"

"Never mind," she said, then decided to try venturing into unfamiliar territory. "You poor thing. Are you chilly?"

Miroku grinned at her. "Why, Sango! You do care about me!" he sighed in an overly joking manner, his playfulness intended to cover up his true feelings of hoping that it was, in fact, true.

"Oh, just answer the question," she started to snap, then caught herself. "Er…I mean….please tell me, are you chilly?"

"A little," Miroku answered, although it was a drastic understatement. His loose and flowing robes were proving frustratingly long to dry, and now that the sun's warming rays were beginning to disappear, it was going to take even longer still. He tried to huddle up into himself to get warm but it was an impossibility…huddled closer into cold, damp clothes didn't feel that much warmer than simply sitting there in cold, damp clothes.

He wondered if it was noticeable that he had started to shiver. He could feel that unmistakable sensation of a fever really starting to build. He tried to hide that fact by trying to stop his body from shaking-although it seemed like the harder he tried to stop it, the more he shivered. He wanted to desperately avoid showing weakness in front of Sango. She never showed physical weakness at all, and he wondered if she may be put off by someone who did. He spent an awful lot of time wondering exactly what she thought about him. Perhaps it would be easier just to ask her, but of course in practise that sort of thing was nearly impossible…he could stare death in the eyes without flinching, but asking someone he cared about if she felt the same way about him was far too daunting a task. Until then, he'd try to get her attention the only way he knew how…and every time her jealousy was aroused while he flirted with the women of whatever village they happened upon, he took that as a sign that somehow, she did care. And for that reason, a slap in the face was just as precious to him as a kiss...although considerably more painful.

He braced his body, trying to stop a particularly strong shiver from becoming noticeable. Of course, he didn't know it but the evidence of his fever was already written across his face. Or, more accurately, across his cheeks which were already aglow with a bright shade of pink. Sango felt the odd urge to reach out and touch his flushed cheeks with the tips of her fingers but held back. Daring to touch his face withougt it being a slap was a level of intimacy that she had rarely attempted, and which felt terrifying.

For a moment, Sango wished she had a different personality altogether. She had seen the young monk flirt with enough women to be certain she knew what his "type" was. She herself was perfectly incapable of being that sort of girl, she found it impossible to giggle coquettishly at his undeniable charms, nor could she imitate that look of shy desire that young girls seemed to throw his way wherever he went. Compared to those girls, she thought she must seem far too cold to catch his attentions…

But before she could ponder on that any further, her thoughts were interrupted again.

"Hehh…heh'sssh! Eh'KSSSSH!"

Miroku drew his knees up and rested his head on them for a moment, allowing himself the luxury of indulging in a miserable sounding sigh. He saw Sango's hand coming towards his face at a much slower speed than he was accustomed to seeing it come at him-still, he flinched a bit out of habit. And he was startled to realise that she was actually reaching over to sympathetically stroke his soft, dark hair.

But, no one was more startled by that than Sango herself. It was an unconscious reaction, if she had stopped to think about it at all, she would never have been able to do it.

"Heh…heh'NGGGKHT!" Miroku sneezed, trying to muffle it into his knees.

"You know, you really don't sound so good," Sango pointed out.

"Oh, it's not so bad," Miroku said, rather unconvincingly. He was far too tired to put up a proper argument.

"Would you…would you like some help…keeping warm?" Sango asked hesitantly, in a voice so low it was barely above a whisper.

Miroku's head snapped up, hoping against hope that this was a prelude to a nice cosy cuddle like the one he'd been observing his friends having. He looked up at her, his violet eyes wide and hopeful.

"You mean..?" he said.

"Well…seeing as how you're…what I mean is…" she stammered, her cheeks beginning to glow with a ferocity that rivalled Miroku's fevered flush. Her eyes darted from side to side nervously, and she caught sight of Kagome, who had left Inuyasha's side to check the progress of the boiling water…and who could glance Sango's way at any moment.

And Sango completely lost her nerve.

"Kirara," she called to her two-tailed demon cat companion, currently in the form of a deceptively cute, small little kitten who greeted her call by looking up at her with fiery orange eyes and mewing. "Do you think you can transform please, and help keep Miroku warm?" Sango asked of the cat, who nodded and, with a sudden roar of flame, transformed into a large sabre toothed cat, and then gingerly settled down next to Miroku, purring slightly.

"Ah…" Miroku said in disappointment, although he did have to admit that nestling into the fur of the large cat was considerably warmer than his previous situation.

He covered his face with his sleeve and muffled another "Heh…hnngkh!", followed by doleful snuffling…then smiled as the huge cat nuzzled him with concern, the short fur on her face tickling his neck.


More TBC! :bleh:

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Hah! Kirara instead of Sango! What a let-down for Miroku! She really led him on, too. But it seems like Kirara was the back-up plan. I hope that for both their sakes Sango can pull her act together.

I think it was pretty nice of you to post more of this story even though you'd originally planned to abandon it. I enjoyed reading it :) (I'm sure everyone else will, too!)

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I am true to my word if nothing else...I did make this update quicker than the last one. (Well, it would be awfully hard to beat seven months...) But since I am really supposed to be doing something ELSE right now, what better time to be typing this? :rolleyes:

So what the heck. Chapter three.



Kirara nuzzled Miroku again, partly as a gesture of comfort and partly as a "thank you" for him having the foresight to turn his head away from her face. Apparently, he was not as good at stifling as he thought he was, because even Kagome over by the campfire heard it. She immediately rushed over to where Sango and Miroku were sitting, and knelt down beside him.

"Oh no, Miroku! Not you too?"

Inuyasha, whose dog-keen hearing meant that no conversation escaped his attention, snorted.

"It serves him right," he shouted over. "It was his fault!"

Miroku folded his arms and adopted a half haughty, half sulking expression. "It was NOT my fault," he protested. "I didn't ask for my sandal to break. I…hehh'nngghht!"

"Oh, don't mind Inuyasha. He's just grumpy," Kagome soothed. Then, after a pause, her face lit up and she turned slowly towards Sango, an ominous grin spreading across her face that clearly said "I have an idea, and you're going to be involved in it whether you like it or not."

"This is so perfect," Kagome squealed gleefully.

Miroku raised an eyebrow. He was quickly becoming accustomed to Kagome's quirks but he was at a loss to understand how she could possibly find his current miserable state to be "perfect". Kagome leapt to her feet and grabbed Sango's hands, dragging her perplexed friend to a standing position.

"Come over here with me," she whispered to Sango conspiratorially, and near-dragged her over to a spot near the bushes, safely out of earshot (or so she hoped) of anyone else.

"Okay…what is it?" a bemused Sango said at the sight of a wide-eyed, grinning Kagome.

"Don't you see? This is your chance!"

"My chance for what, exactly?"

"To show your feelings for Miroku of course!" She clasped her hands dreamily. "Caring for him…looking after him. What could possibly be more sweet or romantic? What an opportunity to show him how much you care!"

"I…I…I…" Sango stammered, her face glowing bright red. It wasn't that she hadn't had the same exact idea herself but hearing it put into words like that… "It has nothing to do with feelings! The sooner he recovers, the sooner we can resume our search for Naraku. That's all."

Kagome gave Sango a look that said she was buying absolutely none of that.

"For a start," Kagome said. "You can bring him some of the tea I've just made. And what else…" She tapped her lip with her index finger thoughtfully. "I'm sure I have a few things you can use…"

Before Sango could protest, Kagome had already grabbed her hands and started dragging her towards the campsite again.


Miroku smiled at Sango when she finally returned to him.

"What was all that about?" he laughed, though his voice had begun to grow hoarse and scratchy, and came out sounding more pathetic than jovial.

"Oh, you know what Kagome's like…" Sango replied as if that explained everything, and in a way somehow it did. Miroku tried to chuckle in agreement but it burned his throat and he dissolved into a coughing fit instead.

"Drink this tea," Sango ordered, shoving the cup in his direction, and then added "It might make you feel better."

Miroku accepted the cup gratefully, wrapping his hands around it in an attempt to soak up as much warmth as possible from the steaming little cup. He sipped from it slowly, allowing the warm liquid to trickle down soothing his sore throat and the steam to rise and soothe his stuffy nose.


He tried to brace the cup so that he wouldn't spill the tea but the jerking of his body was too forceful and some tea did spill over the sides of the cup onto his robes.


He sniffled loudly, not having a free hand to use to try to muffle the sound and he really had nothing to try to hide anymore. Everyone more or less knew about his growing cold by now anyway.

Sango fingered the pack of disposable tissues that Kagome had given her in the event that Miroku might need them. Sango thought it would be more logical to give all the "supplies" to Miroku at once and let him decide which items he needed and when. But, according to Kagome, that would never do. According to Kagome, it would be a great show of kindness to notice what he needed at any given moment and then offer it to him accordingly.

And so Sango decided to assume that Kagome knew what she was talking about. So, she gently pulled one of the tissues from the brightly coloured packaging and offered it, in her upturned palm, to Miroku.

Sango thought Kagome must have been right about that one because Miroku first looked at her with a hint of surprise and then rewarded her with a warm smile of gratitude. He glanced at the cup in his hands, looking for a place to set it down.

"It's okay," Sango said. "I'll hold it for you." And then, noticing Miroku's slightly shocked expression, qualified that with "The CUP, I mean."

Miroku gave a slight laugh at his own misunderstanding and exchanged the teacup for the tissue. He would have dearly loved to blow his nose thoroughly but, fearing that Sango might consider the sound terribly rude, he settled for politely wiping it and then tucking the tissue into where his black robe opened at the neck. Sango offered his teacup back to him with both hands. He smiled her in an attempt to show his appreciation as he reached out, and as he searched her face their eyes met at exactly the same moment that their hands brushed together.

Which, coincidentally, was the precise moment that Sango decided that there was something in the dirt by her feet that urgently required her undivided attention.

Miroku wasn't quite sure what to make of that, except to possibly conclude that she really did dislike him intensely. But that couldn't be entirely true, or she wouldn't be sitting with him right now. Trying to figure her out hurt his head sometimes. Or perhaps that was the fever… He snuffled and drew his legs closer to his body, wrapping his arms around them for warmth.

"Oh, you really are cold, aren't you?" Sango said. "Well, don't worry. There will be a nice hot dinner soon. That will warm you up."

"Oh, you're cooking?" Miroku said, not even bother to hide his disappointed tone.

"Hey, don't say it like that!" Sango protested, then added. "But no, I'm not. Kagome is."

"I can't wait. I could use something w…hehh'EKKSSH!…something warm."

Sango thought for a moment. When Kagome had pulled her aside, she had given Sango a blanket that she'd stowed away in case of necessity. It wasn't the blanket itself that struck Sango as odd, but the accompanying conversation…

Kagome had handed the blanket to Sango, grinning like a cat that had just won a lifetime supply of cream.

"Give this to Miroku," she had advised. "It's really warm and he'll be so grateful to you if you do. But…you know, I only have two of them and I'm going to share the other one with Inuyasha. And it's going to be an awfully cold night tonight, I think," she said, giving Sango a comically exaggerated knowing wink.

That perplexed Sango to no end. Why had Kagome placed so much significance on that fact? So she only held one blanket in her hands right now…so what? She turned the idea over in her mind.


Perhaps the significance was that, since there was only one blanket between herself and Miroku, he would see it as a huge gesture of kindness that she was giving it to him instead of keeping it to herself and see it as evidence of her…she stopped short of even thinking the word "feelings". Sango shrugged. It seemed like an odd thing for Kagome to get excited about…but she'd try it.

"Here," she said, starting to unfold the blanket. "This should help you keep warm until dinner."

"That does look warm," Miroku agreed, reaching for the blanket.

"No, no…you just stay comfortable. I'll take care of this," she said, placing the blanket over his legs. Miroku smiled gratefully and buried his arms underneath it.

Sango watched him snuggle into the warm embrace of the blanket out of the corner of her eye. She toyed briefly with the idea of putting her hand on his knee, but dismissed that as far, far too daunting…


To Be Continued...yes it's awfully surprising how long I can drag a story with no plot. I just like prolonging Miroku's misery and Sango's discomfort. :lol:

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You're lucky none of the staff caught this post when you first made it... This is the kind of attitude that makes a lot of our artists and authors stop posting, and it's not tolerated here. If it's a joke, specify, otherwise, behave yourself.

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