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Annual Challenge-Deadline extended


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Tarotgal, my co-challenger, only just

realized that she will be out of town on March 1st (and for several

days thereafter) for work. Therefore, she wouldn't be able to do coding

until that following Monday at the earliest, and that's a long time

to wait for fics. And there's no way I would be able to do it.

SO we have decided to extend the deadline for challenge entry


The new due date is: March 9, 2007 by 11:59pm, Pacific Standard time

(i.e. before it becomes March 10). You have an extra week or so!

We currently have 9 entries from 7 fandoms by 5 participants. It's a

good number with a month to go, but let's see if we can't do better

in February! Happy writing/drawing!

And, as always, the site with all the info is here:

http://sfarchive. beastlet. com/Challenges/ Quotes0607/ main6.html

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