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my friend's (F) observation 2


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That was the 2 days ago's story. http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/in...showtopic=21614

My friend gave sneezing after and another all morning.

We met again that day's evening.

Then she looked so miserable: her nose was totally red, her eyes were waterly and her voice was so hoarse and congested. She didn't sneeze so much, but she sniffed and blew her nose constantly. Also, she looked sneezy and tired. They were symptoms of cold or flu.

We met at a cafeteria. She found and came to me, and said at first, "I feel not good..."

"You don't!" I replyed. It was so sorry, she became ill. I asked her that she wanted to have some eat there or she wished to go home soon. She had no appetite and her only wish was going home to rest right away.

So I stood up and offered that I take her bag. She gave me it turning her face away from me.

"Haaa... Haa-tchooo!" A sharp shouting echoed cleary. She blew her nose and muttered that she also felt a headache and chills.

I started to go slowly and asked her, when she became so ill or something... She was really sick and hard to speak with a sore throat. I wondered to call a taxi, but a bus came just in time, so we went to her room by bus. In the bus she talked nearly nothing, just gave 5-6 sneezing.

In her room, she fell down in the bed with gasp. Actually I wanted her to see a doctor and take some medicine, but she just hoped to rest at home.

She still complained chills, but she had no fever, yet. I made cups of tea and we trunk them. She said, it's seldom that she has so miserable cold. And she continued, "Lulu, I've never thought that having sneezing fits makes me so hard and annoying, which you always have." We laughed! She also said me, don't catch her cold, because when I have a cold, I have to give sneezing fits hopelessfully and get worse my asthma.

Soon her roommate came home, so I explained her about my friend's condition. It was already 21 o'clock and I went to home myself.


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