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An observation from a while back


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This observation dates back to when I was pregnant and worked in an office for a while. While I was there I had what was probably the sneeziest cold I have ever had. Normally I'm lucky to get a few sneezes in a day even with a cold but on this occasion I sat at my desk all day with a tickly nose which was running all day, clear watery liquid, very inclined to sneak out and drip if not carefully caught.

The sneezes themselves were all very wet and quite uncontrollable, for many years I would stifle but recently I have been trying not to stifle but to let them out properly and this day there was no doubt that I was successful in that! :heart: I used up huge numbers of tissues but despite that, due to the sneezing and the liquidity of the nasal exudate there must have been lots of viruses spread all over the desk and everything I handled. In particular I had to use the telephone a lot and although I did my best there was no doubt I sneezed into it a few times.

My boss, a rather attractive blond haired doctor had the office next door but for most of the day he had the door closed. We shared a phone line and both had DECT handsets in our rooms. Apparently, (and perhaps unfortunately for him), his was not working and at one point he came tearing through and without speaking to me or asking he grabbed my phone and went into the office next door. He kept my phone for ages, eventually I think I actually had to go and get it because I needed it.

I did have the last laugh however, my very sneezy day was on a Thursday, maybe about the third day into my cold and I should imagine I was excreting quite a lot of virus. I was being reasonably careful around the office, washing my hands regularly and trying not to contaminate door handles but I felt anything on my desk that was mine...well I must admit I wasn't being too careful because it just wasn't practical. And the next week, round about Tuesday, by which time I was well on the road to recovery, he came into my office and sneezed several times. Between each full congested-sounding sneeze it was obvious that he was going to sneeze again as he stood there sniffling wetly and hitching. He even moaned about the rotten cold he was coming down with. I wonder from whom he could have caught such a terrible thing! :omg:

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Very well described observation! Loved it! Glad you overcame your stifling thing. I'm still learning that one. And how clever of you to give your boss your cold without him knowing! :omg: I'm truly impressed! Anyway, his sneezes sounded pretty lovely, too. Thanks so much, and welcome to the forum! :heart:

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*MELT* blonde, floppy haired dr. *dies*

(the avatar provides *No* clue of how yummy I find that idea :hug::):(

Oh.. and I have to die again with thought of the sound and Esp. long pre-sneeze look. *dies again*

*revives briefly*- Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing that. :hug::blushing:

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Call me weird but there's just something very sexy about pregnant women... so this was a great read :) loved it.

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Call me weird but there's just something very sexy about pregnant women... so this was a great read :unsure: loved it.

You ain't weird army girl. I love it too. Thanks Vetinari, and welcome. :)


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