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Narices como cataratas (M)


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I was in spanish class, and there is this kid, Josh, tall, dirty blond hair, football player, charming to all the girls even though I can't stand him. He's cute though. I looked over to him randomly, because I sit near him, and he had his head tilted up looking at the light with classic presneeze expression, obviously trying to bring on a stuck sneeze. I caught the eye of the girl behind me and she giggled. I started working on some spanish thing, and completely forgot about him. Later, I have no idea when, he was walking up to the front of the room when he let loose possibly the loudest sneeze in the history of the world. e stopped walking in the middle of the room and bent forward almost 90 degrees. He was right next to my friend and she, and everyone in the room basically, kind of jumped and started laughing. My teacher commented that he, and some kid who was blowing his nose, had narices como cataratas-noses like waterfalls. Josh has a really dry sounding sneeze, but it was still funny.

My other friend, who is jewish, then said "Well come on Senor. Of course Josh has a big nose, he's jewish."

This experience reminds me of 2 prior things. One is that Senor often talks about sneezing. A character in a book we read was allergic to dust, and he often mentioned it. And he always would talk about sneezing and then mime it. And we had to learn how to say 'to sneeze' in spanish. It's estornudar. The girl behind me remembers it as when you sneee it's like a storm.

And in 8th grade, Josh was in my math class. He had this weird souble sneeze where it sounded like they were right on top of each other. And he said to our teacher, who asked, that that was how he always sneezed. But he only sneezed once today.

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I just love that obs, especially the part where he's looking up into the light to bring the sneeze along. :hug: Just really nice, thanks! Plus, I think lots of people are fascinated with sneezing, even if it doesn't do the same thing for them that it does for us. :)

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Sounds like the title of some trendySpanish film, doesn't it? We should make it.

These language teachers are an odd lot; I do remember vaguely a sneezy story we had as a French exercise; I think it was even sneezing while hiding.

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