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Sneezing Fit in a Bookstore (F)

shy guy

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I was at a bookstore today, looking at a display of new releases, when I heard a feminine, cough-like sneeze, 'HEH-KHEHHHH!" I turned in the direction from which the sneeze had come, and saw a petite blond woman wearing a light blue ski jacket. In her left hand she held a large soft drink cup from a fast food restaurant; in her right arm she had three books and a rather large purse cradled in the crook of her elbow, and in her right hand she held a light blue tissue which she immediately raised to her face to cover four more sneezes, "HEH-KHEHHH, KHEHHHH, KEHHHHH, HUH-KHEHHHH!" Her body rocked forward each time and the sneezes took on an increasingly desperate, almost convulsive quality. I started walking toward her, not only to be closer to the sneezing, but also because it looked like she would surely drop some of her burdens, and I wanted to be in a position to help pick them up (who says chivalry is dead!) Amazingly, she didn't drop anything. After the last sneeze, she blew her nose, a soft, wet blow, into the blue tissue, and lowered it from her face. I was close enough to say, "Bless you," and she smiled and thanked me. Taking a good look at her face for the first time, I could see she was a very pretty woman, about forty, with blue eyes, light skin, and a very red nose!

She then proceeded to the checkout line, and I repositioned myself to observe her without being noticed. She didn't sneeze again, but she did pull a fresh white tissue from her jacket pocket and blew her nose while the clerk was running her credit card. She continued to wipe and dab at her nose while the transaction was being completed, then she grabbed her cup, her purse, and her bag and left the store.

I was tempted to follow her into the mall, but didn't. I did, however, return to the spot where she had been standing and checked to see if she had dropped the blue tissue: that truly would have been a prize!

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sounds like a talented lady to me, pulling that off :D very nice obs *thumbs up*

Maybe she was used to it...? :drool:

Lovely obs, thanks a lot! B)

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