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self obs (M)

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i usually wouldn't write self obs but here goes...

so i was hanging out with a couple of my friends tonight, and i had the sudden urge to sneeze really bad. However, it wouldn't come out. I guess i had a weird expression on my face because my friend asked me what was wrong. I was like "I really have to sneeze but it wont come out". I was kind of embarrassed because I dont really like talking about sneezing with my friends, but whatever. All of my friends started saying how annoying that was. Then my best friend started telling a story about how he and he friends used to snort pollen. I had never ever heard of anyone doing that so i thought i would add that in because he said it made you sneeze for hours haha. Anyway, after about 15 minutes of fighting this sneeze, it finally came out and i sneezed 3 kinda wet sneezes. My friends all cheered for me since it finally came out.

Later that night i was in cab home to my house and the same feeling came back. The sneeze was stuck again. After 5 minutes of fighting it again, i started having a mini fit, and i was sneezing twice every 30 seconds. This lasted for about 5 more minutes. My friend was in the cab with me and he kept asking me what was wrong and kept bringing up the fact that i wouldn't stop sneezing. I just wanted him to shut up since it was really annoying. I tried stifling them eventually because i thought he wouldn't notice then, but he still did haha. Fortunately i stopped sneezing soon after that. Usually i wouldn't mind but i felt really awkward in a cab with my friend...i don't know why.

Maybe this fit was because i kind of have a cold and its freezing but usually i don't sneeze as much as i did tonight. it was interesting.

sorry if these obs are not so good...its the end of a looong night. i didn't want to forget my story haha.

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