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Guest Sneeze17

Okay, it's not technically my first time to induce, there were the times as a kid that I sniffed pepper to make myself sneeze, but it never worked and that was before I knew about my fetish. Well, today, what happened was, I was about to hop into the shower when suddenly I sneezed (I've noticed that ever since I've learned of my fetish I've been sneezing more often) and that got me thinking. I decided, what the hey, let's try inducing.

So there I was, naked infront of the bathroom mirror, with a rolled up piece of toliet paper in my hand. I had started the shower and the fan so no one would hear me. I usually don't like sneezing, like ever, in public or not, so this was kind of new. I found that my induced sneezes are different from my regular sneezes. My regular sneezes are short (build up and sneeze itself) and usually come in doubles, but my induced sneezes were singles with long build-ups. I didn't cover these sneezes either, which is some-what surprising for me, since as a germaphobe, sneezing onto my naked body (and the sneezes got messier the more I induced) was usually a BIG turn-off, but I guess since I was going into the shower soon anyways, it didn't matter.

I also noticed that I would only sneeze when I stuck the rolled up piece of toliet paper up my right nostril, it wouldn't work for the left side, does that happen to anyone else? :(

Well, I soon had to stop cause I didn't have much toliet paper and I soon ran out (I had to keep blowing my nose) and I have to say that my "first" time inducing was kind of exciting the only downfall being that the water turned cold in the middle of my shower cause I didn't get in right away. Anyway, thanks guys for reading this random rambling of mine. :rolleyes:

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Lovely self-obs. So glad that you found it exciting [would have been rather dreadful if you didn't!]. But then all sneezing firsts are pretty amazing because you can never really believe that it's really happenng [at least I have found.

Mmmm, naked messy sneezes. How many did you manage?

Oddly, I usually find my left nostril is sneezier than my right; the right is not impossible [practice makes perfect;you must try both again] but sometimes goes on strike for some days.

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Great obs, welcome to the inducers club!

I find that on any given day, one side of my nose may be easier to induce than the other, but it varies so by all means try the left side again. I also find that tissue will bring one or two sneezes, but a plastic clothes tag will induce multiples (just an idea).

I'm sure we would all love to hear about your next inducing experience! :P

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