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He stifles! male friend obs


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I have been close to a couple for a few years now. Really enjoy their company. Marcy is very funny and loud. She is quite sarcastic and very entertaining. Luke on the other hand is way shy. He is highly intelligent, and very, very, quiet. I adore both of them. On with the obs...

I thought that it was very unusual that I had never seen or heard Luke sneeze. I've seen Marcy sneeze a bunch.. (yummy) but never Luke. I've seen him sick... I've seen him stuffy... but there were never any sneezes. This got me way curious.... and very interested. He has this really cool nose. I love the way it looks... I'm a dork... I know. I really wanted to know about this man's sneezes... hehe Last night I got my chance.

We had gone out to dinner then back to their house to hang out. Luke was sitting in an armchair talking with another friend. All of a sudden... He started to make those little hitching breaths... building up and up and up... and finally he sneezed a hard stifle into his arm... It was an akward odd sound mmmmm The kind I adore... I was intrigued to say the least. I licked my lips and watched him... Guess what? He did it again! The same dramatic build up followed by a funny little stifled sneeze into his elbow. He turned a little red, sniffled, and continued talking..

He only sneezed twice, but I'm not complaining! I was thrilled when he picked me to be his trivial pursuit partner! I sat close to him... quite satisfied... *blush*


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So glad you finally got to witness it! That's always a pleasurable moment, when someone you've been waiting for finally sneezes! Love the fact that he had some nice build-ups and sneezed into his arm, eve n though those hard stifles sound awfully painful to me. That's just my opinion! Anywau=y, thanks for sharing, yummy! :drool:

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