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Grocery Store ob- Male


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While I was out shopping today, I got a cute observation I had to share. I was walking down the refrigerated section, and I came across some people who were standing in the aisle. It was a Spanish family, with a grandmother, mother, and a son, probably ealry twenties. He was tall, with a shaved head, and really kind of good-looking in my opinion. I glanced up at him just as he geared up for a sneeze! So, of course, I watched him as he clasped both hands around his nose and mouth, like he was praying, and thrust forward with a loud, but not obnoxious, "HET-SHHHHUUUUUU!" Then his mom said something to him in Spanish that I didn't quite get, and he smiled all sheepishly! It was really adorable!

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Gotta Love the sheepish smile thing- that sounds just Too cute. B)

I totaly agree, you have to love the post sneeze sheepish smile :drool: . Thank you for a great obs :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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