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Hunky male nurse


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I was working an overnight shift recently in an accident and emergency clinic which was very quiet. The male nurse (dressed in scrubs, dark hair, black eyes tall - yummy :drool: ) sounded very congested all evening and was obviously suffereing from a cold as he kept sniffling and periodically running away, I suspet to blow his nose in privacy.

During the shift, if it's quiet there are beds for staff to sleep in so at about 1am we retired to our respective rooms. As I didn't have an alarm clock I asked him to knock on my door in the morning when it was time to get up.

At about 7am there was a knock on the door and his voice (still sounding congested) called "Hi there's a c.......ha-itsssh, ha-itttsssh 'scuse me, a cup of tea for you"

I called out thanks and was rewarded by a further "Huh-issshha, it's a pleasure" B)

Soooo lucky yum! :D

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Damn, that is absolutely HAWT! :drool: ROWR! Talk about another fantasy of mine, hot, sneezy male nurse. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing! :D

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Wonderful ! A trîple into the bargain.

My ex is a male nurse, so I know how to appreciate those paramedic sneezes!

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ow dear god!

thats just so so hot!

ow my god thats so hot!

thats all i can say!

you are soooo luckey!

thanks so much for sharing!

dear me!



keep us posted if u hear or see any more from hime

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Mmmmm . . . few things in this world are better than sneeze-interrupted speech from a polite, hot guy. With my germ phobia, I'm trying not to dwell on the issue of a health care worker with a sneezy cold. :-)

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