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Animaniacs doodles x 3 (all female)


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It's been a long time since I posted my particular brand of cartoony weirdness but I'm back!

By request, here is "Hellooooo, Nurse!" from Animaniacs (remember that cartoon?) And because I found a lot of pictures of her when searching for Hello Nurse, I did a little doodle of Minerva Mink in the hopes of pleasing the furry-loving crowd. (Because I know I love cartoon animals sneezing!)




I hope I did okay...that Hello Nurse is VERY hard to draw, she's all stylised and angular. But I did try to stick to the brief that I was given so...(okay hides now)!

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Fantastic! :) Man, you're lucky I posses such a strong sense of common courtesy, or you'd have a new art request every day. And twice on Sundays :doublethumbsup:

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the first one is.....is.......AMAZING!! and then she runs out of tissues! omg hot as hell!! no...wait.... *stares at it again*.....its so very much hotter :blushing:

thankyou SO much for this....its GORGEOUS. :)

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hehe cool. nice job on both characters! I couldn't care less about seeing Hello Nurse sneezing, but Minerva hell yeah ^^ But you didn't have her actually doing the sneeze. :yes:

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Oh my gosh, I love that cartoon *lol* Just got season one for christmas :D I only vaguely remember minerva mink, but I like your drawing! I think the second one is my fav. :yes:

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Both of these cartoons are really well drawn in your style :). All three are great! You draw fingers under the nose, for both human and furry, very well :D. I know this is really old, but I still enjoy this.

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