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Anybody here multi-lingual? i thought it would be helpful to find out if anyone can say "nose blowing" "sickness" or "sneezing" or " tissue" In any other language other than english, frence or german? Maybe Portugeuse, Italian, Polish, Dutch?....Typing these tags in to Youtube or Myspace videos could weald great results if nobody has tried before.

Some Dutch/Flemish : snuiten, ziek, verkouden, verkoudheid, zakdoek(en), niezen, niesbui, snotvalling, valling, griep, kou, loopneus, ...

Good luck !

(and post any nice finds, please) :cryhappy:


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This is a site with lots of pictures of women who are blowing their noses.


Thank you, that is an impressive collection -- even some I hadn't seen before, which is rare since I've been scraping the stock photo sites for years! But I didn't see any shots from my favorite series of an ill Asian girl, check these out:


If that link stops working, just go to www.masterfile.com and search for "Asian woman blowing nose" or some such thing. There are some great ones in there. If you register for a free account, you can even get un-watermarked comps of these images that are a decent size.

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