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Guest RJLondon

Hi all, I've been lurking for years, so I don't know what provoked me to post the great obs I saw today, but here goes anyway.....

I was leaving the underground station near my work this morning and climbing up the steps to street level when I heard a sneeze from above me, it was a loud HASH-OOO, I thought it was a women's sneeze and this was confirmed when I heard another muffled ESH-OOO 5 seconds later, followed by another as I emerged from the station.

The sneezing sounded like it was coming from the direction that I was going, although as I couldn't see anybody with a tissue I wasn't sure. As I waited to cross the road 10 seconds, and no further sneezes, later I was sure the attack was finished. However as the crowd started to move across the road, out of the corner of my eye I saw the women next to me throw back her head and unleash a loud HAA-SHOOO. She was a slim, dark haired women, of about 30, wearing wrap-around dark glasses and at that point she was searching in her handbag, presumably for a tissue.

Before she found what she was looking for she raised her hand and without breaking stride sneezed another HAA-SHOOO. As we were walking in the same direction, I witnessed another 3 HAA-SHOOOs at 10 second intervals, before she started to look for the tissues again. Once again she didn't find them before she took a deep breath and sneezed a huge A-HRASH-OOOO, exaggerating the last syllable as she bent forward. Although I was slightly behind her all the rest of the way, it was easy to anticipate her last 2 sneezes, as she was taking a deep breath and lifting her head before letting loose with similar exaggerated A-HRASH-OOOs.

Finally she found her tissues and as she turned right as I carried on to work, she blew her nose repeatedly, the fit over.

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Thanks for de-lurking to share those fantastic obs! Welcome aboard and thanks for the contribution!

Take care,


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I know why you broke your lurk... Because that was such a brilliant obs. Muchas gracias!


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