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I hate and love elusive sneezers... (m)


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So my current love interest is allergic in the springtime/summer, and can't handle dry, dusty places, and frequently needs to sneeze, but has found a remarkable way to quell the urge, however strong, many, many times. ;) You can imagine my frustration. He has the most adorable nose and pre-sneeze face, and his sneeze is just the kind I like (I know this from having caught an elusive hut-CHOO or hut-SHOO) quick, dry, quiet, and with a tiny, soft warning (hut) anyway...

*quick teaser before the actual obs*

He and I are leaders in a youth group together, and we frequently volunteer to help out with the community. I've found at these events, it's where he teases me the most without knowing it. We were helping out at the local food bank scooping bulk food into two-cup portions and putting them in big bins. He and I were working on rice, but there was flour, sugar, pepper, salt, sunlight dishwashing detergent (food bank/poverty organization) floating around in the air. I was thinking,>:D perfect. Sure enough, he was holding a bag and as I was pouring in some rice, he turned his head to the side and rubbed his nose on his sleeve. I looked up at him a little too quickly (thinking, CAN IT BE?) and he ACTUALLY said, "I'm gonna sneeze," Matter of factly. I kept gazing at him, pretending to look concerned (when really i feel like this :) ) then he rubbed his nose on his sleeve really hard and said decidely, "No, I'm not going to." and smiled. :doublethumbsup: I was ready to die.

So, onto the exciting bit. a few months later, someone asked the youth group to clean a room in her building...change the curtains, wash the walls, DUST :D ....and of course, my guy being the selfless, hard worker that he is, volunteered immediately. :cryhappy: Oh honey, I love you. So anyway, we're dusting away in this small, musty, dark room, and I'm seeing his pre-sneeze face pop up again and again, but to no avail. He was concentrating all of his efforts on disappointing me that day. I decided to put my hopes to rest, because a watched pot never boils. So we were winding down, having finished most of the jobs, the only thing left was to put the old curtains back in the cupboard. They're particularly large curtains, so like a sheet or a blanket, you need two people folding it. You guessed it, he and I. We folded it halfway and walked toward each other to fold it halfway again. Our hands met, and without warning (he usually warns) he turned to the side quickly and said, "hut-CHOO!" to his shoulder. :wub: After, he looked at me and said, "Ugh, dusty." A man of few words, but he seems to get his point across just beautifully when he needs to.

I'll be sure to update you whenever he decides to answer my prayers again! Hope you enjoyed!

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Awww, it's like he's a big tease with you, and that's kind of cute! But I can also see where it might be frustrating as well! I'm glad you finally got one delicious sounding sneeze out of him from the dust. That one sounded really adorable! Keep us posted, since spring and summer are just around the corner! :) And yes, I enjoyed that very much, thank you!

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