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Weekend before last I went on a camp with the students' society, you know, just for a change :) It was a camp for the introduction of new members and it involved going out together to do a job for Forestry. Pulling young firs out of the heather, sawing down trees, that kind of thing. But I was kitchen crew so no lumberjacking for me.

Aaaanyway, there was a point to this, wasn't there? Right. With me in the kitchen crew (along with Z. and other cool people) was this young kid, 18 I believe he is, with beautiful thick long dark hair and tanned skin and nice light eyes. Very cute and cuddly, too... but the thing is, he has a GORGEOUS way of stifling his sneezes.

And he WAS rather sneezy this weekend. I've observed him, I'll admit, rather shamelessly, on the alert when he was sniffling or rubbing his nose. He would stifle them, sometimes holding his nose, but sometimes without the use of his hands at all. One at the time, his shoulders would hunch and his face would scrunch up in a delightful sneeze-grimace, "HhrMPFHHT!"

And sometimes his stifling would go a little wrong (heheh...) and it would sound like "MPFTSCHT!" but he would STILL not bring a hand to his face and I had much trouble not to go all FRSJNGRDZZPF in public.

Yes. Deliciousness. And there's definitely a cold virus on the rampage through our sossy. :blushing:

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Awwww, he does sound rather adorable! I especially like the stifle that went wrong! Thanks Sanne! :blushing:

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Hmm... rather nice.! I find stifles a bit frustrating (I wonder what his real sneezes sound like...) but if they go wrong... well,t hat's half way to letting them out !

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