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a couple of metro sneezes (M)


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The first was in a 7 am metro, quite crowded already. We stop at a station and a very handsome man gets on : late 20s, about 6 feet tall, short curly black hair, neat rather than striking features, and very well dressed – how could those shoes be so shiny with all that rain! It was standing room only and I moved over to give him some space and he smiled at me… meltingly. I soon started reading my paper and looked up a few stations to, to glimpse my man… building up for a sneeze! Oh, it was only a small build up… and only a small sneeze, a sort of uh KUHH! Possibly as he was trying to moderate – he was less than 30 cm from me, but I think it was naturally a pretty small sneeze, which is why he let it out. Small, but perfectly formed.

The same day, in the evening, I was heading for the metro when I hear a male sneeze beside me ah HESHH uh! I look round and the sneezer turns out to be about 18, probably just out of school, listening to his ipod. We walk on, he was a couple of paces ahead of me, and he sneezes again, much the same. He then stops and fishes round.. probably for a tissue… and stifles a sneeze as he was looking through his pockets. I was disappearing down into the metro when he gave a big blow…

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Those are such nice ones! Just loved both of them! Thank you, atchoum! You sure get some lovely obs on the metro, don't you? :yes:

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Yummy! Fabulous Metro sneezes! I loved that the first guy was so close to you and let his cute little sneeze out. Wouldn't it have been nice if he'd caught your eye just then, and you could have blessed him... Mmm!



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