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FIC:Flight 353 to Hong Kong (F + M) FINISHED !


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‘Dorothy, I still do not understand how you managed to convince mr Jenkins to let you accompany me to the Hong Kong sales conference …’, Randall said to his girlfriend in the business class window seat next to him. He put his arm tenderly around her shoulders, his hand playing with her long dark hair. She smiled.

‘It proves that he still does not know that his best salesman and his hostess are lovers. Bosses are not always that clever, are they ?’, she answered. ‘And it is not important’, she continued. ‘In an hour or eight we will arrive in Hong Kong and have some wonderful days together.’

‘So true’, Randall confirmed. He could not resist the urge to kiss his girl on her cherry lips.

They were offered a glass of champagne and a late evening snack. Some Bond movie about a stolen gun and villains etc was playing on the small tv screen in front of them. Randall yawned and so did Dorothy. It made them giggle.

‘It will be early day in Hong Kong’, Randall said, ’We’d better try to sleep a bit if we do not want to suffer from a jet lag too much.’

Dorothy was yawning again and Randall noticed how lovely she was when doing so.

‘Randall, can you take my cardigan sweater from the luggage rack ? The airco is making me feel a bit chilly. Like this I can not sleep.’

‘Sure, my dear ! Ya, you are right, the air inside an airplane can get so cold and dry.’

Randall pulled her warm red cardigan sweater from the rack above his head and helped his girl to put it on. And he pulled the small airplane blankets over their bodies.

‘Thanks, Randall !’ she said. And minutes later they were trying to sleep in their reclining seats, holding each other’s hand.

Randall never managed to sleep decently on a plane. That was one of the reasons he disliked intercontinental flights. He had been turning and sighing but had finally fallen asleep and was having a confused dream about mr Jenkins and a swimming pool and …*** he noticed that he was not holding Dorothy’s hand anymore. That woke him up.

He opened his eyes and it took him a few seconds to realize that he was not in his bed, but in an airplane with Dorothy. The lights were tempered. Most people around him were sleeping. He could see Dorothy wearing her fluffy red cardigan sweater, walking back from the toilet through the aisle. When she was at 3 meters distance she suddenly stopped and grabbed a wad of tissues from one of her sweater pockets … right in time to … HUUUUSHUUUMM … HAAAASHUUUUMM … she looked at Randall … HAAATSHUMMMFF !!!!!! *sdiffle sdiffle* PPPPPPPRRRRRRFSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!

‘Wow, Dor, gesundheit !’ Randall blessed.

‘Oh by dose ! I caddot stop sdeezing !’ she answered. ‘Bust be that damded airco.’

‘Where is your handkerchief, sweetheart ?’ Randall asked, pointing at the sodden tissues.

‘Id by luggage I ab afraid,’ she sighed. ‘ATCHMFFF !! HAAATSCHUMMM !! *sdiffff*’.


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Yippee! She's back. I mean, they're back. And sneezy as ever. {also blowy and yawny] Can't wait for their arrival in the East...

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Randall was fully awake now and could hardly hide his excitement.

‘Ooh, sweetheart, come, sit down before you wake up our fellow travellers …’, he told her.

Dor sat down in her seat again, holding her finger under her nose in an attempt to stop the tickles. She cleared her scratchy throat. Randall put his strong arm around her shoulders and could feel her shiver. He kissed her tenderly on the cheek and closed the zipper of her red sweater.

‘My poor girl …’, he whispered in a warm voice.

In spite of the finger under her nose Randall could see how she was closing her eyes and getting the tempting pre-sneeze look on her sweet face. He could feel her breast move under his arm as she was taking a deep breath …


What is quicker that a good sneeze ? Indeed, it was Randall’s hand that managed to pull his big grey hankie from his pocket and cover his girl’s nose and mouth right in time to catch her wet sneeze. ‘UMMMM tfanbs Ramball’, she mumbled from behind the hankie-with-wet-patch. Then she put her hands around Randall’s and the hankie and gave her nose a loud honking blow. ‘Didn’t I tell you not to wake up our neighbours ?’ Randall teased. It felt as if his hand was on fire and the fire was spreading through his body.

She had taken his hankie out of his hand now and was bringing it up to her nose again. Yes, she felt another sneeze coming. HATCHH…HATCHUUUMFFF ! And the wet blow that followed was to die for. She put the now damp hankie up the sleeve of her sweater. Randall could not resist the urge to kiss her passionately. He could hear her sniffle in his right ear.

‘You sound like coming down with a cold again’, Randall remarked, trying to sound disappointed. But OOOOH how he adored his girl and the situation …

‘I ab afraid that you are right’, Dor answered, trying to sound disappointed too. But she perfectly knew how her boyfriend was feeling about it … and that was something they were sharing …


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The Bond movie was still playing on the small screen in front of them. They were watching it together, Randall’s arm around Dorothy and her head resting on his shoulder. She was dabbing at her nose with Randall’s grey hankie, and sniffling well in between. One man was watching the movie too. All other passengers in their neighbourhood seemed to be asleep.


‘Bless you again. Hold on, I have a surprise for you, sweetheart’, Randall announced.

‘Oh ?’ Dorothy smiled.

‘Close your eyes, please …’, Randall instructed in a mysterious way.

And Dorothy did so. She felt how a soft and dry hankie was put to her nose. And he whispered : ‘A real gentleman always carries two, you know. Come on, have a good blow.’

‘Hey Randall, you catch colds so easily. I really do not want to pass this on to you. We’d better keep some distance,’ Dorothy remarked, but as you can guess she did not mean a single word of what she said.

‘Me ? Oh, no problem, sweetie ! I am as healthy as a man can be and in good shape. A few germs cannot do me anything right now.’ And he did mean it.

She took a deep breath and tried to blow out the congestion. How Randall loved to feel her cute small sniffly nose under his fingers … the big red hankie turning damp … his girl so close to him … some days to be spent together … MMMMMMM

They went on watching the Bond movie, Dor sniffling on and yawning in between.

‘Oooow !’ Randall said after some time, ’Look, that agent Eric A is working for Bond and the villains at the same time ! Now they will find the gun soon. Dor ? Dor ???’

But Dor was sleeping again, head on his shoulder , snoring softly because of her cold. With a wet hankie in each hand.



Dorothy opened her eyes and after one second she remembered her condition: ‘HUUUUTCHUUUU …. Uuuuuhh … HAAATCHUMMMFFF !! ……. Uuh where is that red hankie … pfsssshh PPFSSHHHHHHHHH … uuuuh rotten cold …’

Randall opened his eyes and noticed that the sun was shining in through the small window. He must have been asleep for some time too.

‘Good borning, darling’, Dorothy greeted whilst kissing him on his forehead.

‘Hey sweetheart ! (sniffff) Hong Kong is waiting for us ! (sniff) Are you ready ?’ Randall wanted to know. He was in an incredible good mood, in spite of a partly sleepless night in his airplane seat.

The hostess was passing by with the trolley and served their breakfast. They choose Asian omelette and coffee, and a bun. And some orange juice.

'(snifff) Enjoy the bread, my dear, (snifff) in the next few days we may be (sniff) on a diet of rice and noodles', Randall joked.


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I knew Randall was going to have an extra hanky "up his sleeve", but what's that sniffle I hear? I sure hope he packed enough hankies! But then again, I'm willing to bet there must be some fine hankies for sale in Hong Kong! Please don't keep us waiting long to see what happens next!

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'(snifff) Enjoy the bread, my dear, (snifff) in the next few days we may be (sniff) on a diet of rice and noodles', Randall joked.


Countless, you bum, why do you keep us hanging with those three little sniffs? Get your lazy butt to the keyboard and finish this story. Don't make me come over there and get firm with you!

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I agree; that was nothing more than a cruel tease for your readers, who have been waiting for the effects that the HK surroundings and spicy CUISINE will have on our heroes' delicate neusvliesen.

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Countless, you bum, why do you keep us hanging with those three little sniffs? Get your lazy butt to the keyboard and finish this story. Don't make me come over there and get firm with you!

I agree; that was nothing more than a cruel tease for your readers, who have been waiting for the effects that the HK surroundings and spicy CUISINE will have on our heroes' delicate neusvliesen.

How could I ignore my screaming fans :drool:

And if they even start to talk Dutch ....

I am working on a sequel !


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Whilst drinking their coffee Randall noticed how Dor’s was closing her eyes and her breath was hitching. He managed to grab the cup out of her hands right before she sneezed a wet double on the back of her hand. It was useless to look for a dry spot in one of the hankies as there wasn’t any left … She made the red one still more wet with the congested blow that followed.

‘Phew, thanks dear, you saved me from a possible disaster !’ she sniffled.

‘Dor (sniff), maybe you’d better use a napkin, your hankies are all sodden (sniff). Damp hankies are irritating your red nose even more (sniffff).’ Randall advised.

She looked at the napkins on their breakfast trays. They were not that bad in her opinion. Light blue, textile structure, SN Brussels Airlines icon printed in the corner, and soft.

‘Mmm …’, she groaned, and with a twinkle in her eyes she put her arm around her friend and grabbed one of the napkins.

‘Good girl (sniff) !’ he laughed.

‘Randall, you are sniffling all the time. You need to blow, honey ?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, I think I have got a bit of the morning sniffles …’ Randall answered.

‘Poor thing’, she continued, ’and your girl has been using your hankies, uh ?’

He smiled sheepishly and nodded.

Seconds later he could feel how Dorothy’s tender but decided hand was putting a soft napkin over his sniffly nose.

‘There you go’, she whispered in a congested voice.

He could feel how she was closing his right nostril with her thumb, and he honked the sniffles out. And then she was taking care of the other nostril.

How he loved the feeling of this sexy girl taking care of his sensitive nose …


After taking a quick but refreshing shower at the 4* hotel they were now sitting in the back of a Hong Kong taxi that was stuck in a traffic jam.

They would meet mr Wang in half an hour. Mr Wang was the director of the factory that was recycling appliances for the company that Randall and Dorothy were working for. This was an obligatory meet when in Hong Kong for a conference ...

Randall was a real salesman again : perfect dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie, shaved and his dark hair laid back with gel. Dorothy was wearing an adorable cream colour business suit with pink shirt, panties and black open shoes with the usual high heels. She was wearing her long dark hair in a ponytail. They soon regretted being dressed like that as it was at least 25°C and the air was sticky. But business is business …

‘How could I FORGET my hankies …’, Dorothy sighed. She grabbed a dark blue male one from her pocket and sneezed a desperately sounding EEEEEthiiiiiishhhhuuuummm !! into it. Followed by another very wet blow. Her bright red nose made Randall think of the Chinese lanterns they had seen in the hotel …

There had been no hankies in her suitcase. Forgotten at home. Randall had packed only 5. Five hankies for 4 days, to be used by two people. One of them with a tremendous cold, the other one a frequent sneezer and blower anyway. And both absolutely reluctant to the idea of using tissues … The conclusion had been that it would be necessary to buy some extra handkerchiefs in Hong Kong.

‘Hey, what are your reading ?’ Dor asked.

‘A kind of a travel guide (sniff sniff) mr Jenkins gave to me’, Randall explained.

‘It is called Business in China for Dummies – about how to behave when doing business with Chinese. There are a lot of shopping tips included too – maybe there is an address mentioned where we can find fine silk hankies.’ Silk … that was very promising, and probably easy to find in China. Dorothy was looking forward to that. Randall was flipping open his white hankie with brown trimming. His nose was still feeling a bit irritated from the night at the airplane, or was it because of the damp Hong Kong air, full of scents of people and pollution and foodstalls and spices ?

‘I need to blow first’, he announced, and gave his nose a good honk.

‘Ah, ‘handkerchief’ is mentioned in the index’, Dorothy remarked,’let’s have a look at page 69.’

… the ban on nose-blowing in public. Dabbing one's nose with a tissue isn't so bad, but really vigorous and "productive" nose-blowing is just as bad as hawking, maybe worse. Use of handkerchiefs is considered to be disgusting and not done. Nose-blowing is something that is saved for the restroom. In Europe we are used to people blowing their noses in classrooms, restaurants, in the middle of a conversation, etc., but to the Chinese it's gross.

Their faces were frozen. And a bit pale now. They were staring at each other. And at their hankies in their hands. Nose-blowing in public was to be avoided anyway. But sweet Dorothy was so sneezy and snotty that she could not leave her hankie alone for a minute … And they were about to meet mr Wang …

What could they do ???

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