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Is there a Doctor in the House? (Doctor Who, 10th Doctor, Male sneezing)


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Hello. This is my first ever sneeze fic. Whoo hoo and all that. It's kinda in response to the two or three plot bunnies that wanted the tenth Doctor sneezing, but mostly because I wanted it, and I got tired of waiting for someone else to write it. So I decided to get off my lazy backside and do it myself. It's not very good, and the characters are completely wrong, but the Doctor does sneeze, which I believe is the important bit! Anyway, enough babbling, here we go:


Summary: The Doctor is sick and unused to anyone caring. Enter Rose.

I don't own it, but you knew that.

“Huh-eshooooo” The loud sneeze echoed throughout the room.

“Doctor?” Rose Tyler entered the control centre of the TARDIS to the unusual sight of the Doctor blowing his nose. She stopped and stared at him.

“Oh, good bordig Ro- huuuuuh-ESHoooo, ughhh, excuse be. Rose” Turning away from her slightly, he gave his nose another wet blow, before slipping the handkerchief back into one of the pockets in his suit. Facing her, he raised an eyebrow as he realised she was staring at him. “Rose? Is somethig wrog?”

Now it was her turn to raise an eyebrow. “You’re sick.” It wasn’t a question.

“No, I’m fi…” he trailed off at the look she was giving him. “Maybe a little.” He gave her what he hoped was his normal glowing grin, but he knew it came off badly, even before she raised her other eyebrow. He sighed, closing his eyes and leaning against the console behind him. The truth was, he felt terrible. As a Time Lord, he didn’t get sick often, but when he did, it hit him hard. He’d been battling with an increasingly bad headache for days, with a sore throat joining it the previous day. The sneezing had started about an hour after Rose had retired to bed the previous day, and had gotten steadily worse as the night went on. His chest was starting to ache, and he knew he was running a fever. At first, he’d hoped that this would be something he’d be able to hide from his human companion, but he’d abandoned that hope sometime in the early hours of the morning. Rose would have to be both blind and deaf to miss this illness, not to mention stupid. As it was, he was just thankful that she couldn’t get this. Galifrien illnesses weren’t contagious.

Suddenly, he realised that he must have blanked out for a moment, as he felt a blessedly cool hand rest briefly on his cheek before moving up to his forehead. He opened his eyes to find Rose frowning at him.

“You’re burning up”. She sounded worried. He felt like he should reassure her, but as he opened his mouth, his nose was suddenly invaded by a strong tickle. He pulled away from her, roughly, turning as far as he could in the small space between them. Rose frowned, and started to move towards him again, but he slid away and held his hand up, unable to speak. Still frowning, she paused, but a look of comprehension flooded her face a moment later as he pulled out his crumpled blue handkerchief, holding it slightly in front of his now flaring nostrils, his breath catching in his throat.

“huh-ESHooo, huh-UUSHoo, huh-UUHHshoo! Huh…hu…huh-ESHoo, shOO, huh-eshoo huh-eshoo huh-eshoo huh-ESHOOOOO!” He blew his nose wetly, gasping for breath before bursting into yet another round of wet, violent, sneezes, bending nearly in two. “Huh-eshoo huh-eshoo huh-eshoo! Uh…Uhshoo! UhSHOOOOO! Huh-ESHoooo! Huh-eshoo huh-eshoo huh-ESHOOOOOOO! ESSHHHOOOOO!” Finally ending, he straightened up, panting, and staggered over to lean against another console before tiredly blowing his nose. He didn’t even feel embarrassed any more. He just felt sick.

He took a deep breath, feeling his lungs crackle slightly, before breaking down in a fit of painful, hacking coughs. He vaguely felt hands on his shoulders, guiding him gently through the corridors, but was too focused on trying to get enough oxygen into his starving lungs to really pay much attention. As it was, then, minutes later, as the coughs finally started to trail off, he was quite surprised to find himself being pushed gently down to sit on his own bed, the cool hand finding his forehead once more. He looked up at Rose, again trying a reassuring smile, only to find her gazing worriedly at him.

“Oh Doctor, why didn’t you tell me you were sick, you idiot! How long have you been feeling bad?” He considered lying, but somehow knew she’d be able to tell. “A couple of days,” he finally whispered, “bud odly this bad for the last few hours.”

“You should have come and gotten me” Rose chastised, gently.

“You were sleepig. Besides, I didn’t want you to get this.” He blinked heavily. That was odd, he’d slept a few days ago, he shouldn’t feel tired again already…

“Oh no, you’re not getting away with that one! I know I can’t catch anything from you. Remember the time when I had that stomach bug, and I was worried about you catching it? You told me that there were only a few illnesses that you could catch from me, and none that I can catch from you. So you’ll have to come up with a better excuse than that.” She smiled as she said it, but she was still worried, he could tell. He tried to reassure her. “I’m fide, really, it’s nothig. Just the Galifrien version of a cold. Not worth wakig you for…huh-ESHooo!” The sneeze took him by surprise, and he barely had time to turn his head away from Rose before it came. Sighing, he blew his sore nose into his handkerchief for what felt like the billionth time that day.

“Bless you” She stroked his hair back where it had flopped forward as he sneezed. “It was definitely worth waking me for. No one should suffer through being sick on their own. You always stay with me, remember?” He always seemed to know when she wasn’t feeling well, sometimes almost before she did, and he would always immediately drop everything to care for her, bringing her tea and soup, telling her stories, sitting with her while she slept. Although she was sorry that he was sick, she was also glad to have the chance to do the same for him. Though she knew that he’d had other companions throughout his long life, she gathered that none had been very recent, which meant that he had probably suffered alone through his last few illnesses. She was determined that he wouldn’t do so this time. Frowning again as her hand brushed his hot forehead, she asked, being careful to keep her voice low; he looked like he had a headache, “Is there anything I can get you to take for this? Some kind of medicine?”

The Doctor shook his head, coughing into his shoulder. “No, nothig, sorry. Just deed to wait id out. Huh-ESHoo, huuuh-ESHoo! Ughhhhh…” He shivered, violently. “If it’s alrighd with you, I’m just gonna curl up here until it goes away. Do you want me to dake you to visit your mum while I do, or are you okay to jusd amuse yourself on the TARDIS?”

Rolling her eyes, Rose knelt down to help him take off his shoes. “Oh no, I’m not going anywhere! I’m gonna stay here and look after you, just like you always do for me.” She started to undo his laces, but he pulled his foot away.

“No, Rose, you don’t ha…ah…ahhh AHSHOOOO! Sorry, have to do that.” He leaned down, fumbling fingers trying and failing to grab at the knots. “I’m fide, really,” he rasped, as he continued to try, before sitting up quickly as he rapidly degenerated into another harsh coughing fit.

“Uh huh. And pigs might fly” She grabbed his foot again and proceeded to ease off his shoes, one after the other. After that, she stood and rubbed soothing circles on his back until the coughing finally stopped. Unbuttoning his jacket, she slipped it off his shoulders before starting on his shirt and tie.

He batted her hands away again. “Really, Rose, it’s jusd a cold. I’m sure you’ve god bedder thigs to do than take care of liddle old me!” He gave her a half-hearted grin, stifling a cough.

Sighing, Rose crouched down so that she could meet his eyes. Gently grasping his chin, she forced him to meet her gaze. “Doctor.” she said, gently. “You save the world every day. Hell, you save LOTS of worlds. More than I even knew existed. You do it every day, without expecting any recognition or reward. You’ve saved my Mum, and Mickey, so many times. You’ve saved MY life more times than I can count! No, wait.” She laid her hand firmly over his mouth as he started to speak. “I know I’ve saved your life too, I know you don’t always do it alone, and it doesn’t always go right, but the point is, you do it anyway. And so, no, there is absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing than taking care of you when you’re sick. You deserve it. So just shut up and let me, or I WILL make you take me home, and I’ll tell my Mum that you’re sick. And believe me, if I do that, you’ll never get rid of her. Ever. Seriously.”

The Doctor looked panicked at the mere thought of Jackie Tyler finding out about his illness. “I’d be coddled to death,” he rasped. “You wouldn’t do that to me…”

“Try me.” Rose smirked, as she folded up the shirt and jacket and put them on the small chest at the foot of the bed, her grin widening as she heard his sigh of resignation.. Silently, she helped him with his belt, then slid his trousers off and helped him under the covers, letting him lean against the backboard in a sitting position while she tucked them in. Glancing down at him, she saw that his nostrils were flaring again in what was obviously a soon to be sneezing fit. “Handkerchiefs?” she asked, briskly. Eyes closed, he gestured to the chest of drawers in the corner.

“Second drawer.” he gasped, breath hitching. Following his directions, she soon hurried back with a small stack of neatly pressed cloths. Just in time, he grabbed one and held it to his nose, sneezing explosively.

“HUH-ESHOOOO, HUH-ESHOOOOOOO, HUH-ESHOOOOOOOO! Huh-eshoo huh-shoo huh-shoo huh-eshoo huh-eshoo huh-SHOOOOOOO! Hah…ha…HAH-SHOOOOO! Hah-ESHooo! HAAAAAH-ESHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The fit continued on for several minutes, with Rose rubbing his back and murmuring soothing words between sneezes. When it was over, he flopped back onto his pillows, exhausted, eyes slipping closed. Rose shook him slightly until they opened again.

“Don’t go to sleep just yet, Doctor. You need to eat something, and I want to take your temperature…”

“I’m nod really thad hugry ad the boment, Rose, bud thag you anyway.” Tired as he was, he tried to smile for her. She sighed at him.

“The food isn’t an option, Doctor, you need to eat. I’ll get you some soup and tea, okay? You just rest, and I’ll be back in a minute. Is there anything else you can think of that you might need?” As she spoke, she was smoothing out the covers and plumping his pillows. The Doctor gave her a subdued grin. He was still shaking, she noticed.

“No, thag you. Really, you know, you don’t deed to-” He was cut off as she put a finger to his lips.

“One more word and I’m calling my Mum. Believe me, even on another planet, 100 years in the past, she’ll STILL be able to coddle you.”

“Of thad, I hab no doubt ad all…Soup sounds lovely, thag you…huh-ESHooooo! Do you deed ady help?”

“Bless you. And no. All you need to do is rest and recuperate. Now stay in bed. I’ll be back in a minute, with soup.”

“Remember to bake somethig for yourself too, Rose. You haven’t had breakfast yed…” He broke down in a coughing fit, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Doctor, just rest. Don’t worry about me, don’t worry about the TARDIS, don’t worry about the potentially damaging effects of quantum energy on kldey’r particles or the degradation of the Glastion belt, just REST.” She smoothed his hair back from his forehead one last time, then made for the door. The Doctor sank back into his pillows, wiping his eyes. Maybe, just maybe, he could relax, just a little, and let Rose take care of him. It had been a long time since someone had truly cared about his health, and it was an odd feeling, though rather nice. Perhaps it was time to give it a chance. Blowing his nose, he raised his head and called to her as she reached the door.

“Rose? Huh-ESHoooo!”

“Yes, Doctor? ” At his urging, she drew close to the bed again, in order to hear his rasping whisper.

“You know…on Frm’madio’aeon, pigs really DO fly…” Snorting with laughter, she swatted him gently, then turned to leave. Once more he called her back.


She sighed as she turned, looking at him pointedly, eyebrow raised.

“Thank you.”


So, there it was. Hope you enjoyed it. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

thanx for reading,


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This is really cute. I don't really know the fandom at all, but honestly- now I'm going to look up pics (cause I'm really curious).

Loved the interaction between the two... and I'm a sucker for the type of guy that you about have to club over the head to have them let you take care of them. :drool:


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AWWWWW, that was really sweet!! I sort of remember the show, but not enough to recognize the characters, etc but that didn't matter at all, since it is just a cute story on its own. This story was just an all around enjoyable read. Thank you!

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Excellent story. I love the incidental time travel babble; and the sneezing's pretty good too. The latest Doctor does have a rather sensitive looking nose.

Welcome to the forum, as it were.

HOWEVER; there can no longer be any doubt that there is a conspiracy going on to prevent any character played by Billie Piper from sneezing, as she obviously longs to do.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments, made my week! This was really my first major foray into the world of the sneezing fetish, and I was horribly nervous, so thanks for the reassurance!

And to all those who havn't watched it - you should! I know it's very naughty of me, :rolleyes: but I watched the latest to series (9th and 10th Doctors) on you tube and google video. Just type in "Doctor Who 1x01" or "Doctor Who Rose" for the first episode. Definately worth watching! David Tennant is sooooo cute!

Anyway, thanks again for all the comments, I think I might try writing something else...practice makes perfect, after all!


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Guest Honey B.

Oh I am so happy to have found this fic. Dr who is my obsession of the moment :laugh: You really did a nice job for the character. Exept for a few sentence that I felt a little off, it's almost perfect. The Doctor is perfect ^_^

If you ever have the courage to do a follow up, or another dr who fanfic, I'd be delighted! :drool:

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Thanx very much, Honey B. I agree with you that some of the lines were a little (very!) off, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. I may write another one or a follow-up after exams are over, you never know - Dr Who is my obsession too at the moment, and as far as I know, this is one of the only tow sneezefics out there... :blink: What with Martha being a (almost) medical doctor, there's certainly potential for a new fic...


Oh I am so happy to have found this fic. Dr who is my obsession of the moment :wacko: You really did a nice job for the character. Exept for a few sentence that I felt a little off, it's almost perfect. The Doctor is perfect ;)

If you ever have the courage to do a follow up, or another dr who fanfic, I'd be delighted! :D

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Guest Honey B.
... What with Martha being a (almost) medical doctor, there's certainly potential for a new fic...

You so read my mind! ;)

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... What with Martha being a (almost) medical doctor, there's certainly potential for a new fic...

You so read my mind! :laugh:

Oh please.....please please please!! :P:wacko:

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Oh, and I should share this-go to the Dr Who fic site A Teaspoon And An Open Mind (which is a goldmine of good Whofic, btw-have a look at Adalia Zandra's stuff, she's great) and search for a story called Minefields. Ten sneezes. Nothing spelled out, but there is a really cute line about his reaction to having sneezed-"like a cat trying to figure out why there's suddenly jam on it's nose." I thought that was such a great image! :wacko:

I also meant to say, silentdreamer, I love the blue handkerchief. Don't know why but it just seems perfect for Ten! :P

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Guest Dark_Side

OMG!!!! I totally loved this story!!!! Right now I'm obsessed with Dr Who and Torchwood and have been dying for someone to write a sneeze fic about the Doctor. Thanks so much for writing this story :P Hopefully you'll right more sneezefics about the Doctor!!!!!!

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Oh, that was so cute! How did I miss this before?! I'm extremely obsessed with Torchwood right now, and I've been playing catch-up on Doctor Who for the last few months.

David Tennant is really starting to grow on me! Ten will have to get in line behind Ianto and Jack in my affections though... :drool:

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Thanks so much for all the new nice comments! I have actually written another Doctor Who sneezefic, 'Tissues in the TARDIS', though that has Jack and Rose sneezing, not the Doctor. I might try a Torchwood one at some point, who knows? There's definately not enough out there in those two fandoms.


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*guilty grin* Ok, I think I read this the first time it was posted, 'cept I was lurking then, so since I've joined since then let me say that I really, really love this piece! Totally don't know the fandom, but I love it anyway. :D Enough that even when the light went on and I was like, "Mew you dingbat, you've read this before!" I automatically said to myself, "so what? It's nummy - I'll read it again!" :unsure: I believe I read the Tissues in the TARDIS as well, but I'll have to check...

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Guest Katu

Hm,I think I've read Tissues in the TARDIS..

These are fantastic!

I know quite a bit about David,Because my 2 friends have an...Obsession..You could even call it a fetish...with David. :3

I can just imagine him now...With Rose caring for him..Now THAT is sexy... ;D

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“...Don’t worry about me, don’t worry about the TARDIS, don’t worry about the potentially damaging effects of quantum energy on kldey’r particles or the degradation of the Glastion belt, just REST.”

Just flicking through this again (I really do like it... :D) and wanted to say-I really like this line! It's very Who-ish and I can just hear Rose saying it.

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Guest Dark_Side

I totally agree with you silent dreamer. There really isn't enough sneezefics or fanfics in general about Doctor Who and Torchwood. More people need to write stories about the Doctor, Jack, and Ianto. I would write some but alas my talents don't lie in writing :D

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Hooray! Sneezy 10th Doctor! You're right, there aren't enough fics out there (though there a few on fanfiction.net). Great story, I'm a sucker for sick fics, and this one is very sweet. It's a shame the Doctor hasn't sneezed on the show yet.

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Hooray! Sneezy 10th Doctor! You're right, there aren't enough fics out there (though there a few on fanfiction.net). Great story, I'm a sucker for sick fics, and this one is very sweet. It's a shame the Doctor hasn't sneezed on the show yet.

I KNOW!! Shall we get up a petition? We could picket Cardiff! :) Who's with me?! :laugh:

I'm a sucker for sickfics too, Helzbelz-did you ever read anything by a fic writer called Adalia Zandra? Look her up on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind-no sneezing but she does write damn good Doctorwhump. :rolleyes:

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I'll join you on your picket :)

I haven't been on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind, I'll have to check it out.

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I love the 'A Teaspoon and an Open Mind' site. I think I've read almost every Hurt/Comfort fic in the Torchwood section by now! :)

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