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Bath & Body Works sneezing fit


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This past weekend I went to the mall with my fiance and mother so they could do a bit of shopping. While waiting for them to check out at the Bath & Body Works I decided to wander around the store a bit. So while wandering aimlessly by myself I heard three nice wet sneezes, one right after another, the ones that kind of sound like you want to hold them back, but they force themselves out anyway. **hiii......chCHEWWW* **hiii......chCHEWWW***hiii......chCHEWWW*. So right away I did a quick scan of the store to see where it was coming from. It was an employee stocking the shelves, she was petite, about 5'3" or so, early 20's, dark hair pulled back in a pony-tail, dark eyes, a real mediterranean looking young girl. Just as I caught where the sneezes were coming from, she turned her head side ways and up a little bit, took a few shallow breaths and let out three more sneezes, **hiii......chCHEWWW* **hiii......chCHEWWW***hiii......chCHEWWW* , partially-uncovered , her hand was flat and placed in front of her nose, pressing the tips of her fingers against the tip of her nostrils, so when she turned to sneeze I got a full look at her profile. She turned to go back to stocking, but you could tell she still had more sneezes, she kept sniffing alot and rubbing her nose, and turned her head again, taking more short breaths and shifting her body upwards with each breath, and finally let out four nice big, wet forced sneezes, ** hiiiCHEEWW.....CHEWWW....CHEEEEW...hiii...CHEEEEEEW!!**bending her body down, and giving me quite the display.

Luckily all of this went on, and nobody even noticed I was watching very intently.

It was a great addition to my mall trip!

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*note to self.... GO TO MALL MORE!*

Great obs. Kurt! :drool: Those surprise fits that you run into... make life... :twisted: Hell... I dunno! :omg: GREAT, I suppose! :laugh: Been so long since IVE seen one! Those surprise fits I read about sure make my day tho! :drool: Thanks for that! :laugh:

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A great suggestion to anyone is when you are at the mall to stop in around shops that sell perfume, candles, make-up, insense....etc. You get to see alot of sneezes from people with sensitive noses!

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that is a great obs Kurt :yes:

You are right though, places such as that, where there are a lot of strong scents you have a very good chance of seeing/ hearing some sneezes.

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gah. I hate those stores (we have The Body Shop and Fruits and Passion up here) basically, because they have that sort of effect on me LOL So I avoid them like the plague.

Very nice. I have a friend who worked in one of these places.... I've often been tempted to go sneak up on him at work, but ... well, it would hardly be "sneaking", would it?

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